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Free Things to Do in Jacksonville: Enjoying Jacksonville on a Budget

Free Things to Do in Jacksonville

If you are living in Jacksonville or planning to have a trip to Jacksonville but you are tight with budget. No problem, you are at right place. We will share the best Free Things to Do in Jacksonville. There are lots of attractions you can visit with your family without using any penny. You will be able to have a lot of fun and will make lots of memories with your family. That is also one of the reasons why Jacksonville is so popular among tourists.

From visiting family friendly beaches to having historic tours there are lots of things you do with an empty pocket. You can go to free concerts happening in this city. There are 337 city parks where you can go for picnic. Some of these parks also provide free yoga classes. You can visit beautiful beaches at River City. St. Augustine and St Johns Town Center are also popular cheap and free spots among tourists and locals. So pack your bag up and have a look at some of the best Free Things to Do in Jacksonville.

Top 5 Free Things to Do in Jacksonville

If you are looking to make memories with your friends and family but you are low at budget. But wait as long as we are here you shouldn’t be worrying about this. We are here after our research to give you information about Top 5 Free Things to Do in Jacksonville:

Kingsley Plantation

There are number of people who visited Florida in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. But there was a guy named Zephaniah Kingsley who aimed to become rich by acquiring land and starting plantations. The people who have come to Florida in search of work were working on these plantations. That’s how people who owned those plantations benefited financially. In perilous era of shifting political allegiances some slaves become free proprietors. They worked hard to maintain their position and each of these individuals’ hard work contributed to development of this historic place.

Free Things to Do in Jacksonville

There is no entry fee for having a tour of this historic Kingsley Plantation. The building at this place originates from the island’s plantation history. There are number of places to visit at Kingsley Plantation. Some of them are plantation house, barn, kitchen house and original 25 slave huts. Crops like sea island cotton and indigo used to be planted here in Plantation era. In remembrance of that these crops are now planted in a garden.

Riverside Arts Market

Riverside Arts Market is an art festival in Jacksonville. Many local and other artists around the county come to this festival to display their art. Why is this on the list of Free Things to Do in Jacksonville is because you can have a look at great art for free. People of any age can visit this market. This market has variety of vegetables, honey, plants and amazing works by jewelers, woodworkers and glassblowers. Riverside Arts Market gives a great opportunity for underrated and small artists to present their Artwork.

Riverside Arts Market is a major venue for local artists to show their creativity. It is a place where farmers, manufacturers and buyers come together to have business. More than 150 artists come together to sell their work and tell their story through their art. Riverside Arts Market is the biggest juried artist market in the Mid-South. Businesses and farmers also represent their Artwork with locals. You can book a vendor to sell your art to people. The funds raised by selling vendors to artists is donated to the art Museum. This lively market has also been recognized by Folio.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

Have a look at the amazing classic and modern artworks at The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville. This museum opens with free entry on first Wednesday of every month. This museum displays more than 800 pieces of modern artwork collected by many regional and national artists. You can have a look at the amazing artworks displayed on the first, second and third floor of the museum.

Free Things to Do in Jacksonville

The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville is located at Hemming Park’s historic Western Union Telegraph Building. Founded in 1924 this museum was the first American Alliance of Museums in Jacksonville. They help small and local artists to show their talent and take it to higher level. The beautiful architecture of this building makes it a must visit destination for people who are looking to have fun with tight budget.

Jacksonville Public Libraries

If you are looking for free things to do in Jacksonville, then Jacksonville Public Libraries should be on your visiting list. Just imagine having a luxury time with books at the amazing historic libraries. If you are bibliophile, then this should be first on your list. With holding a collection of more than three million books and other items for visitors, Jacksonville Public Libraries is the official public library system of Jacksonville.

People can explore new Main Library building of this system. It was opened to the public of Jacksonville in 2005. A Tale of My City photography history and retrospective permanent exhibit is one of the public exhibits housed in the Jacksonville Makerspace Gallery. The public Jacksonville Makerspace is open for self-directed technology work and offers maker supplies and studio space.

Memorial Park

As I said before, Jacksonville has lots of parks. Now I am here to talk about the best park to visit with your family with low budget. Memorial Park is a beautiful park in Jacksonville. It is located in the 5 Points area of Riverside. This park preserves a rich history within itself. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who is famous for designing famous parks like Central Park in New York. Along St. Johns River 6 acres of open space is also available for jogging and walking.

Things to do in Jacksonville on Memorial Day

The major attraction of this park is Bronze Sculpture Life. This sculpture was made to celebrate Charles Adrian Pillars and to honor the Floridians that gave their life for country during World War I. With beauty this park taught many things about many things about history. Families can also have a great time while having picnic on the green lawn. You can also go fishing near the river. This park is a perfect place in Jacksonville to watch sunset.


To sum up, there are number of free things to do in Jacksonville. Have a look at the beautiful classic and modern artworks by talented artists at Riverside Arts Market. With a collection of more than three million books and other items Jacksonville Public Libraries is the best place to have peace of mind.

To have history lessons you can visit Kingsley Plantation or Memorial Park. You can also have picnic in Memorial Park. One of the best things to do is visit The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, they provide free entry on every first Wednesday of month. With lots of different activities you should get in the mood and go out with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Jacksonville famous?

Jacksonville is famous for having the largest urban park system in the United States. These parks are spread on 80,000 acres including 2 National Parks, National Preserve and 7 State Parks, 400 City Parks and Gardens and an Arboretum.

What are the best things to do in Jacksonville with low budget?

You can visit number of popular attractions in Jacksonville for free. So don’t worry about budget. Here are some best places to visit with low budget:

  • Kingsley Plantation
  • Riverside Arts Market
  • Memorial Park
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville