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Fun Dates in Jacksonville: Best Spots for Memorable Couple Activities

Are you searching for Fun Dates in Jacksonville? These date selections in Jacksonville are fantastic if you want to spend quality time with your partner. One of Florida’s most romantic cities for couples is Jacksonville. It should come as no surprise that the metropolis has a lot to offer for memorable couples.

Jacksonville has it all, whether you want to enjoy the summer heat by floating the river and sailing or prefer to stay indoors with partners cooking lessons and spa treatments. If there are no more activities available on land or at sea, you can even take a hot-air balloon tour of the city to obtain a bird’s-eye view of it. Have Fun Dates in Jacksonville and make beautiful memories with your partner.

Best Spots for Fun Dates in Jacksonville

To deeper your love and make your time memorable, here is the list of the best Fun Dates in Jacksonville:

Fun Date Night at Romantic Restaurants

Restaurants in Jacksonville with imaginative meals, first rate service and fantastic views of the city skyline make the most romantic environment for a date. Those seeking a memorable date night with their significant must have date in Jacksonville restaurants.

Congaree and Penn

Congaree and Penn is a Jacksonville institution that is frequently recommended to visit with your partner. Book an evening wagon ride to go on before dinner for a wonderful date night activity. Once seated, take in the tranquil, adults only ambiance and views of the on site vineyards.

Try the shrimp and grits cooked with locally caught shrimp, Tasso ham, sweet and savory tomato sauce and spicy pepper jelly after ordering a glass of wine or cider produced from fruits cultivated on the farm itself. Immerse yourself in nature here.

River & Post

Looking for a romantic location with a beautiful view? Then you should be at River & Post. The St. Johns River and the city skyline are visible from the rooftop lounge. The seafood heavy menu features dishes like perfectly cooked scallops with sweet corn risotto.

Broiled oysters with spicy chorizo, ceviche topped with delicious passion fruits and crispy plantain chips. You will surely have a good time with a rooftop bar and beautiful scenery.

Restaurant Orsay

If you are looking for the best place to impress someone then Restaurant Orsay is where you should go to make an impression. The menu is extremely extensive, with options ranging from a classic cassoulet to a lobster pot pie with biscuits on top.

The beef Wellington, however, which is shown at the table before being divided into portions in the kitchen, is the highlight of the menu. Just be sure you call the restaurant 24 hours beforehand to give the cooks enough time to prepare and cook the dish.

Throw Paint & Get Crafty at Pinspiration

Have you ever wanted to sling some paint at your partner? So now is the time to take action. The best painting and crafting studio in Jacksonville is called Pinspiration and it also has a Splatter RoomTM where you may splatter paint all over your partner.

But don’t worry you will be outfitted with some incredibly chic splatter suits from head to toe. The Splatter DateTM package comes with 1 large or 2 small canvases, Splatter RoomTM, chocolates and a drink from the bar! Glow paints are a recommended upgrade for the best Splatter RoomTM experience.

Fun Dates in Jacksonville

If splattering paint doesn’t sound like your style, don’t worry. Inspiration also offers 40 personalized projects, a bar with 12 craft beer taps that rotate and a large selection of wine.

JAX Cooking Studio

The Jax Cooking Studio awaits you if you are a serious food lover. They have a partner and the team plan to have a cooking session with your partner. This cooking school really does everything, from freshly produced sushi to homemade pasta to desserts from all over the world.

No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, you are going to discover the various cultures and flavors of the world with your partner while following step by step directions to turn fresh ingredients into delectable dishes.

In addition to having a wonderful date night, you will learn cooking techniques that you may use to wow your loved ones at home.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events

Autobahn Indoor Speedway is a place for a truly heart pounding experience. For couples who want to do something a little bolder and more adventurous, indoor go karting is a fantastic date option. You will also have a great time with your partner while playing the video game arcade at Autobahn Indoor Speedway.

Fun Dates in Jacksonville

They provide an Indoor go kart racing facility with two tracks, contemporary Italian made karts, parties and leagues. Drive a Formula 1 car as quickly as 50 mph around the racetrack.

The Autobahn Speedway places a high premium on safety, so despite the fact that the races are very exciting, you shouldn’t be concerned. Even once your race is over, there is much to do. Check out the axe throwing, arcade games and virtual reality experience!

Class Axe Throwing

Class Axe in Jacksonville for adventurous couples looking for a fresh adrenaline sensation! Throwing some sharp things would be a different thing to experience with your partner.

You will receive instruction from a qualified instructor who will show you how to handle an axe safely and give you advice on how to toss it accurately at the target.

After that, you will be free to throw your 1.5 pound chunk of metal and wood. A perfect place for couples to enjoy and throw all the negative energy out of their minds.

Be Still Float Studio

Jacksonville’s Be Still Float Studio offers a unique take on a romantic date. Who says spending time with your partner has to involve dancing and parties? Together, in Florida’s top sensory deprivation tank, go on a mental adventure while floating weightlessly.

Be Still Studio can help you unwind after a long weekend or begin your trip to Florida by erasing the stress and bustle of the outside world.

Fun Dates in Jacksonville

From the massage and spa to the mood lighting and champagne service, every aspect of the studio gives complete relaxation. You will discover that spending an hour floating in the couple’s tank together is the holistic therapy you’ve always wanted once your phones are put aside.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride is a Florida balloon ride tour company that gives you an exceptional chance to advance your relationship in a hot air balloon ride. Grab your partner’s hand and get ready to discover yourself drifting with the breezes over the majestic Florida landscape after the crew’s friendly safety briefing.

One of the many amazing pleasures on this two to three hour flight across the skies is smelling the orange flowers and observing wildlife from a great height.

Romantic Dates in Jacksonville

The balloon is a nearly silent way of flight and it is undoubtedly a very peaceful one. You may shout down to observers who are standing on the ground and speak with amazing clarity. Bring a bottle of sparkling wine to finish your journey and create a once-in-a-lifetime date memory among the clouds.

Bottom Line

To sum up, you have a lot of places to have fun dates in Jacksonville. From dining at decent restaurants to living up high in the sky with partners in hot art balloons tour, you will have a whole new concept of Fun Dates in Jacksonville. Adventurous couples can spend their time at activities like Axe Throwing, Indoor Speedway and Hot Air Balloon Rides and other couples can simply go to beautiful restaurants and wellness centers. Jacksonville gives you both indoor and outdoor spots for couples. So don’t miss out and have fun at these places.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is Jacksonville FL good for dating?

Yes. There are lots of spots to have fun dates in Jacksonville. From indoor to outdoor spots, you will have a great time with your partner in Jacksonville.

Is it easy to have a date in Jacksonville FL?

Yes, finding a date in Jacksonville is actually much simpler than in most locations with just a little effort. The drawback is that you might have to step outside of your neighborhood to find love in Jacksonville.