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Fun Places to Eat in Orlando: Top 5 Places to Enjoy Tasty Meals

Fun Places to Eat in Orlando

Looking for the best fun places to eat in Orlando? You are at the right spot. In this article we are going to discuss the best kid friendly restaurants in Orlando. Where You can enjoy the delicious food with a fun atmosphere.

Fun Places to Eat in Orlando

As many people say a city’s essence often lies in its food. Whether you’re visiting Disney World or exploring the neighborhoods. These fun places to eat in Orlando will help you truly experience the city and make it special.

Places that make delicious desserts for your sweet cravings and even spots with live music. Kids can be quite picky eaters which is why we’re presenting the best kid friendly restaurants in Orlando to eat.

These places offer not only delicious food but also fun atmospheres and menus that serve young tastes. So get ready to put a smile on everyone’s face during mealtime.

Top 5 Fun Places to Eat in Orlando

If you’re thinking about an exciting night out with your family. Make sure to visit these top 5 fun places to eat in orlando.

  1. Voodoo Doughnut
  2. Sugar Factory
  3. Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi
  4. Satu’li Canteen
  5. StoryBook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

1. Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut Fun Places to Eat in Orlando
Voodoo Doughnut Fun Places to Eat in Orlando

If you are looking for great places to eat in Orlando then there is a fun place called Voodoo Doughnut at Universal Studios. They make more than 50 types of doughnuts every day. It is right next to NBC Sports Grill & Brew.

This restaurant has some really tasty and unique doughnuts like the Dirt doughnut, the Voodoo Doll and the Bacon Maple Bar. They can even serve your doughnuts in a wooden coffin.

Voodoo’s also offer options for people who like spicy food and are vegan. But here is something you might not know that you can actually get married at Voodoo Doughnut in Orlando.

Yes you can have a legal and really fun wedding there. The wedding packages start at just $300 and they include a ceremony, doughnuts and coffee.

You can also get special bride and groom doughnuts that are made just for you. They’ll even shower you with sprinkles to celebrate after you get married.

2. Sugar Factory

If you and your kids have a sweet tooth you’ll absolutely adore the Sugar Factory. It is located on International Drive at ICON Park Orlando. They offer a wide range of goodies including milkshakes, sundaes, chicken, waffles and sliders.

Their King Kong Sundae is a real showstopper with sixteen scoops of ice cream, loads of toppings and even sparklers. It is definitely big enough for the whole family to share and enjoy.

Here you can enjoy gourmet milkshakes and culture pops. The Sugar Factory has a fantastic brasserie atmosphere making it an ideal choice for birthday parties or any kind of celebration that people of all ages can have.

It is bound to become one of your top choices for satisfying your sweet cravings.

3. Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

This restaurant is located in the vibrant Dr. Phillips area of Orlando and it’s all about having fun. You will have a great time at this cool Japanese café that offers tasty food in a lively and enjoyable setting.

It has an appealing interior including a sleek sushi bar and a unique bento box ceiling. They take pride in serving the freshest sushi, sashimi and authentic robatayaki grill dishes.

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi
Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

Robata grilling which uses charcoal is one of the oldest and most loved traditions in Japanese cooking. You can watch it happening at Dragonfly’s open kitchen.

They have unlimited brunches. Their menu is impressive with a variety of small plates and dishes for sharing. One standout is the passion platter showcasing the skills of their master chefs with pieces of fresh tuna, salmon and tilapia.

Other favorites include the yellowtail collar, beef tataki and bone in short ribs served with kimchi.

4. Satu’li Canteen

If you want to make eating healthy more enjoyable. You will really like Satu’li Canteen in Disney’s Pandora World of Avatar. It looks like a base camp in the Valley of Mo’ara and is set in a beautiful environment with glowing plants and huge floating mountains.

The special thing about this place is that you get to create your own meal. First you pick a protein like grilled chicken or spicy tofu. Then you choose from healthy grains and fresh vegetables. Lastly you select a tasty sauce to bring everything together.

They also have colorful desserts like the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse and unique drinks like Hawkes Grog Ale which is a green fruity beer. This restaurant is a fantastic choice for people who want to have fun while eating healthy at Disney World.

5. StoryBook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

StoryBook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White
StoryBook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

Imagine having a dinner party in an enchanted forest with Snow White, the Evil Queen, Dopey and Grumpy. Sounds pretty magical doesn’t it? Well that is exactly why this restaurant deserves a spot on our list of the best fun places to eat in Orlando.

What makes Storybook Dining stand out among other kid restaurants in Orlando? It is the way they structure their menu. Both kids and adults can enjoy a fixed price meal that includes a shared appetizer, main course and dessert.

There are also extra options you can order separately like cocktails which can be helpful if you want to plan your meal expenses in advance. The menu also features high quality items like prime rib roast, slow braised pork shank and beef stroganoff.

Ensuring that you get great value for your money. The only tough part about dining here is deciding which delicious dish to choose.

Final Thoughts

Orlando offers a wide range of unique dishes that meet according to the taste preferences of every individual. There are a lot of fun places to eat in Orlando. They offer delicious food with an exciting atmosphere and unique fun architecture.

You can enjoy whimsical delights at Voodoo Doughnut and the authentic Japanese cuisine at Dragonfly Robata. Sugar Factory at ICON Park Orlando is perfect for delicious sweet options. Their gourmet milkshakes and the towering King Kong Sundae are must try.

Its wide variety of treats make it perfect for family outings and celebrations. At Satu’li Canteen in Disney’s Pandora World of Avatar you can create your own meal which is best for kids learning. In Storybook you can enjoy your food with your beloved Disney characters.

Orlando does not only offer great food. But this place also offers unique and exciting experiences for both locals and visitors. You will find a wide range of fun places to eat in Orlando where you will find sweet, traditional, healthy and magical food options.

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