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Huguenot Park Jacksonville: Your Serene Escape for Family Fun and Relaxation

Huguenot Park Jacksonville

Talking about parks then you should know the benefits of parks on our physical and mental health. We are all living life and working nonstop. Our minds are continuously running towards a specific goal whether it’s about our work or about any other matter. We just keep on running and day will come when we will be exhausted from our life.

Our mind and body aren’t made to do work without taking rest. That is why one must have free time to relax. If you are not taking care of yourself then in the long term you will see your productivity chart go down. If you are not giving yourself any kind of relaxation, then you are at your own loss. With our physical health this isn’t good for your mental health either. Visiting a park and going for a morning walk is the best way to relax our mind and body.

Benefits of visiting Park

Large number of Americans don’t bother to go to park or anywhere else that would relax their mind and that is very bad for their mental health. One thing you must know is giving yourself a little time while working hard will make your work go in an easy and smooth way. Studies have shown that if a person spends 30 minutes at park, then it can improve person’s major mental problems as well as improve their physical health. These are benefits of visiting park on daily basis:

  • Prevent heart diseases
  • Boost immune system.
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Maintain cholesterol level

Huguenot Park Jacksonville

Parks are the natural treasure that gives you an open opportunity to improve your mental health. Mental health directly affects physical health, so if you have good mental health then you’ll automatically have better physical health. Studies have shown that frequently visiting parks helps in reducing major mental problems like depression and anxiety.

Morning walk and exercising helps in reducing stress. It also helps in lowering cortisol levels in our body by 15%. Just know that experiencing nature and its beauty have lots of beneficial effects on human body. Walking can help you lose anger. So, if you want something that helps your anger issues then you should visit Huguenot Park Jacksonville.

Huguenot Park Jacksonville

Located in Heckscher Drive Jacksonville, Huguenot Park Jacksonville is just minutes away from beautiful sandy beaches of Jacksonville. History: historical marker commemorating the arrival of the French Huguenots on May 1, 1562 can be found in this park. This park has a rich history but today it is popular for family day and picnic. You will witness the true beauty of nature at this park.

This 95-acre park is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Fort George Inlet and St. Johns River. If you are planning for a trip at Huguenot Park Jacksonville, then you should come on a jeep with all the camping material on it. As you can also stay in this park at night at its primary campsites. RVs and tents are both allowed at this park. You can have your furry friend with you in campsite, but they are not allowed just for day trips.


Timing of Huguenot Park Jacksonville is given below:

The day before Daylight Savings Time is from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (March to November)

The day before the Eastern Standard Time transition is from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (November to March)

Huguenot Park Jacksonville

Memorial Weekend and Labor Day

Memorial weekend and Labor Day timing changes a little which is given below:

6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Monday to Thursday)
6:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Nature Center Timing

2 pm to 5 pm
Entrance gate and Park office closes one hour before closing time.


Camping is one of the most exciting things to do at this park. There are more than 70 primary campsites available at this park. One good news is dogs are allowed at campsites. Make sure you have your reservation before coming for camping. Phone reservations for campsites open from 9 am to 5pm.

All fees listed below include tax:
Tent fee: $22.70
RV fee: $27.24
Pet camping fee: $5.38 There is a limit of three pets per campsite.
Shelter Fee: $40.85 per day

More Facilities

Everything does not just end here! There are still lots of things to do at Huguenot Park Jacksonville. Some of the best activities and facilities available at this park.

  • Basketball courts
  • Fishing pier
  • Tennis Club
  • Three-acre Lake in which stocked fish is available.
  • Playground equipment
  • Boardwalk

Huguenot Park Jacksonville


To sum up, Huguenot Park Jacksonville is the best place to visit with your loved ones. This 95-acre park has Basketball courts, Fishing pier, Tennis Club and lots of other thighs to enjoy with family. You can stay at night at campsite. Dogs are allowed at this campsite but not in daytime. Above all, visiting this park will help in improving your mental and physical health. With three-acre lake you will have a mesmerizing time visiting this park.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Huguenots Park?

The location is devoted to Huguenots who fled France just to find their religious freedom. These people wanted to escape religious persecution. These Huguenots were Protestants who bore a lot of Catholics in France. Later they were looking for safety in the New World.

Can you stay the whole night in Huguenot Park?

Yes, you can stay overnight at Huguenot Park. They provide many shelters to their guests. You can stay at over 70 campsites, RV or at a tent. During your stay you can do a lot of things like swimming and fishing. Shower facilities and clean restrooms are also available at this park.

Can you drive in Huguenot Park?

Direct access to the beach is possible by car and parking but you should be careful and pay attention to everything, especially tides. Please pay attention to the tide and off limits to shorebird nesting. This park offers lifeguards but taking care of yourself should be your responsibility.

What facilities will you have at Huguenot Park?

These are some of the best facilities that you will have at Huguenot Park:

  • Basketball courts
  • Fishing pier
  • Tennis Club
  • Three acre lake
  • Playground equipment
  • Boardwalk