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Best Jacksonville Beaches in Florida

Jacksonville Beaches

Jacksonville Florida is home to the most beautiful beaches in the US. Jacksonville beaches provide residents with an urban suburban mix and the majority of residents own their homes.

Beaches provide guests with a family friendly beach holiday that includes outdoor activities. Selection of hotels for any budget and lots of other fun activities. There are numerous saloons, restaurants, coffee shops and parks near Jacksonville beaches.


The architecture of Jacksonville beach Florida is in the oldest style that is not definable in one characteristic. Casa Marina Hotel is a popular hotel that was developed in the 1920s when the Jacksonville beach area was under development.

Beaches Near Jacksonville FL

There are many stunning beaches in Jacksonville Florida. Some of the best beaches are discussed in this article like Mayport beach, Ponte Vedra beach, Neptune beach and many more.

Happy family having fun in the Jacksonville Beach
Happy family having fun beach

Mayport Beach Jacksonville

Mayport beach is included in one of the most beautiful Jacksonville beaches and it is located on the Naval base. Public beach, City park and Hanna park are all located near Mayport in Jacksonville beach.

If you want to enjoy the sea breezes then Hanna park is the home of the pole which has a reasonable admission fee. During the week it is less crowded if you want to enjoy it then go on a working day.

Salt Jax Beach

Salt Jax Beach is one of the great spots to get a drink and some food. It has a beautiful view of Sunrise and Sunset. This beach is famous because of its oceanfront vibes. You can enjoy food, drinks and cocktails at this beautiful place.

Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is an eye catching beach and outside this beach there is a famous golf and tennis club just a few steps away. It is a large beach where you will have the best shopping experience.

You can enjoy and make your moments memorable with your families and spend quality time together and have some fun activities for all ages.

Friends playing on beach
Friends playing on beach

There is also a seafront playground that makes Jacksonville beach separate from all other beaches. It is a special place for families. There is a diverse selection of stores to shop at and restaurants to choose from.

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is the most historically significant location on the East Coast. In summer the beach is full of people sunbathing, swimming and golfing. Those who are interested in surfing will find Hanna Park to be an ideal location nearby.

Many of Atlantic Beach’s public parks are so beautiful that they could be mistaken for rural retreats. To spend time in nature, then these parks are the perfect locations.

This a popular spot for people who are looking for a relaxed beach vacation or who want to enjoy the outdoors and explore the natural beauty of the beach.

Neptune Beach Jacksonville

Neptune beach is located between Atlantic beach and Jax beach. It is famous because of its dining, shopping and entertainment.

It has a beautiful section of sand that is totally different from its neighbors’ beaches. Around Jacksonville, it is one of the most popular beaches because of its charm.

Beautiful beach scenery-
Beautiful beach scenery

Best of the Beaches E-Bike Tours

The Best of the Beaches E-Bike Tours in Jacksonville is a great way to see the city’s beautiful beaches and other sights. Whether you are a Floridian or just passing through. You have a choice to experience the best of Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beaches. From Sawgrass Village, you can ride down the island with the help of expert guides to Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach or even Atlantic Beach in the north.
In short the best beaches E-Bike Tour is a fun and different way to see the best beaches in Jacksonville. It is a great way for tourists and locals to enjoy the area’s beauty and charm in a fun and active way.

Benefits of Living in Jacksonville Florida

A few benefits of living in Jacksonville Florida are given below:

  • A big city lifestyle with a small town vibe
  • Beautiful neighborhoods to choose from
  • The great number of parks in Jacksonville Florida
  • Affordable expenses
  • A lot of fun activities to do
  • A lot of beautiful beaches and outdoor adventures
  • Public transportation is affordable

Enjoyable Weather

Many people come to Jacksonville beaches Florida Arizona and other southern states because of the warm climates. Here the summer season is very pleasant you can enjoy this season with your families and friends to make some beautiful memories.

Happy family on the beach
Happy family on the beach during summer vacation

In addition, Jacksonville usually keeps away from the worst of the hurricane season.

Bottom Line

In short, Jacksonville is one of the greatest places to live in Florida because of its beautiful views and lots of beaches. Jacksonville beaches are famous because of their parks, culture and enjoyable weather. You can spend memorable and quality time with your families here.