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Jacksonville Spas

Woman enjoying massage with closed eyes

It’s natural for us to feel tired after working all day, and there is no better place to rest our minds and body than a spa. Jacksonville spas provide a variety of spas giving specialized services.

With every spa giving different treatments, you’ll surely gonna find one of your interests, the one that will clear your mind and relax your body. A natural way to boost your social energy is by having a spa day.

Top Spas in Jacksonville Florida

The following is a list of the top spas in Jacksonville Florida:

Ponte Vedra Spa

Offer yourself a day of relaxation by visiting Ponte Verda Spa. Featuring over 30,000 sqft, Ponte Verda Spa is located in a spacious square-foot facility, 20 miles east of Jacksonville Florida. This luxury spa is considered as best day spa in Jacksonville FL.

They provide more than 100 treatments in their day services menu, including therapeutic massage, manicures, pedicures, skincare, and more.

Woman hands receiving manicure
Woman hands receiving manicure

It’s the best spa to visit with a partner or friend. They have half-day and full-day packages with a delightful and beautiful environment.

Pura Vida Body and Mind Spa

Pura Vida Body and Mind Spa is a medical spa in Jacksonville FL. They aim to use medical techniques and services to wash away all the burdens and tiredness from your mind and body. They provide many medical treatments in a beautiful luxury peaceful environment to relax your mind.

They provide more than 100 skincare services. Salt Facial and Salt Room Therapy are the best ways for glowing your skin. You’ll feel more confident, and refreshed after their treatment. This Jacksonville Spa is an ideal place to relax your mind.

Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa

Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa is voted as the Top 3 Jacksonville Spas. Founded in 2002 this self-owned family spa offers numerous services in a pure Indian cultural style. With their Indian-style massage services like chakra balancing and aqua chi body detox, they remove all the tension from your mind and put you in the best mental state.

They offer a variety of services facial massage, body massage, and aromatherapy. Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa is the best place you are looking for in Jacksonville.

Woman enjoying face massage
Woman enjoying face massage

Essentials Massage & Facial Spa

Essentials Massage & Facial Spa is the best place to enhance your beauty and health. Founded in 2013 it’s in one of the best day spas in Jacksonville FL. With their specialized and licensed staff, you will gonna enjoy every bit of their service.

They are specialized in the healing of injuries to the muscles through Sports massage. They offer massages, facials, tranquil spa ambiance, and other quality spa treatments. With their heavenly quiet and peaceful environment you will find yourself in peace.

Moroccan Hammam & Day Spa

Established in 2019 Moroccan Hammam & Day Spa provides supreme services that handed them awards too, which ultimately included in the top Jacksonville Spas. It is known for providing unique services like 24K gold pearl body wraps, vinotherapy, authentic Hammam, and algotherapy. They use all organic, natural Morrocan products which are friendly to all skin types.

Offering a wide range of services, such as facials massages, and body scrubs, you can be sure to find the ideal treatment for your face and body.

Woman relaxing spa
Woman relaxing spa

Their ultimate goal is to give the most peaceful environment to reduce stress, regain vitality, and revive their entire body system.

Wild Berry Tea Spa

Opened in 2009 in Jacksonville Wild Berry Tea Spa is a day spa. This spa is here to provide different spa treatments with basking the cup of tea. They aim to provide a comfortable and warm environment where their customers can relax their minds.

They offer personalized packages to their customers according to their needs and skin types. They provide services like Acne Treatments, Acupressure Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish Massage, Anti-aging Treatments Deep Tissue Massage, and Reflexology.

With their high-quality products, you’ll find your skin glowing like the moon. Any dark spots will vanish and you’ll have perfectly smooth skin.


To sum up, Jacksonville Florida is a perfect place to have a luxury Spa. With a lot of award-winning Spas, providing numerous treatments with the specialized and licensed staff you will find yourself in heaven.

In Jacksonville Florida, you will find day spas, medical spas, and a lot of personalized spa packages. Highly recommended Jacksonville spas that are the best place to relax your mind, body, and spirit.

Young beautiful woman lying and relaxing in spa salon
Young beautiful woman lying and relaxing in spa salon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spa?

A spa is a place that offers different services with the aim of enhancing the relaxation, beauty, and health of the customers. They provide various services like massages, facials, and more.

What things happen in the spa?

Different spas provide different treatments. Some of them are Facial massage, moist air heating the body to stimulate blood circulation, deep cleansing, moisturization, and more.

How Spa benefits your mental health?

A spa provides different treatments that help your body relax, lower your anxiety and stress levels, relax your muscles, and have better blood circulation rates.

What not to do during a massage?

A spa is a place to relax your mind and body. So we shouldn’t make any unnecessary chattering, ask for personal information, make comments on looks, or start to undress without asking. These are the things you should take care of.