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Kissimmee Florida Restaurants: Taste of The Sunshine State

Kissimmee Florida Restaurants

If you are searching for the best Kissimmee Florida restaurants then you have landed in the right place. Kissimmee provides the perfect escape from the hectic routine life.

It is known for its off the beaten path adventures. Just like Orlando, Kissimmee also features numerous attractions that will spark your wonder.

Kissimmee is family friendly with its thrilling water parks and theme park. It is also suitable for solo travelers or couples looking for a peaceful getaway.

Kissimmee Florida Restaurants

Kissimmee offers a wide range of dining options including budget friendly eateries, upscale dining establishments, brew pubs and more. There are multiple Kissimmee Florida restaurants that offer a vast collection of tasty dishes from all over the globe.

You will have a lot of tasty food options such as Mexican, Mediterranean, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Italian or whatever suits your palate.

In our selection of the finest Kissimmee restaurants you will find multiple tasty dishes to satisfy your cravings. No matter if you are in the mood for a family owned pizza and Italian joint.

The authentic Mexican fare, variety of Latin cuisine options and healthy breakfast. You will all find it here in Kissimmee Florida.

There are also amazing brunch spots and steakhouses where you will find tasty and juicy steaks. Kissimmee offers more than just theme parks so be sure to visit this amazing city.

Top 5 Kissimmee Florida Restaurants

If you are visiting Kissimmee Florida and looking for the best place to eat and drink then don’t need to worry. Check out our exclusive list of top 5 Kissimmee Florida restaurants.

  1. El Borrego
  2. El Cilantrillo Restaurant
  3. Frogger’s Bar & Grill
  4. Oh Que Bueno
  5. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

1. El Borrego

El Borrego Kissimmee Florida Restaurants
El Borrego Kissimmee Florida Restaurants

Borrego is a Spanish word which means lamb. The restaurant name comes from Mexican family traditions of gathering for barbacoas on Sunday afternoons often featuring lamb.

This restaurant offers authentic Mexican dishes and Tex Mex options. You can also visit for Margarita Mondays (two for the price of one all day) or Taco Tuesdays.

Founded by chef Ruben Mota who is passionate about the family restaurant’s tradition is carried on by a chef he trained. They continually update their menu to meet modern food preferences by adding new flavors to traditional dishes.

2. El Cilantrillo Restaurant

El Cilantrillo is one of the best local restaurants in Kissimmee that you should not miss. It opened in 2017 and is known for its delicious Puerto Rican seafood dishes. They serve generous portions and have three different locations in Kissimmee. El Cilantrillo is a great choice for a date night. Their specialty is seafood and they offer a wide variety of dishes.

You must try the El Mar Picao which is a flavorful seafood dish with a lobster tail, grilled shrimp, creole shrimp and mofongo (mashed plantains in lobster sauce) served with green plantains on the side. If you prefer fish then go for the Chili Frito which is a fried whole snapper or the salmon filet prepared to your liking.

They also have other house specialties like rice with peas, roasted pork and sausage, skirt steak, pork chops, fried chicken with cilantro rice, french fries and green plantains. These dishes are all served with salads and are perfect for sharing.

3. Frogger’s Bar & Grill

If you love to enjoy the vibe of a classic sports bar you are in for a treat at Frogger’s. They are known for their wings and pizza but they offer a full service dining experience. You will find a well stocked bar featuring 44 different types of draft beer.

Frogger’s Bar & Grill
Frogger’s Bar & Grill

With 50 HD LED TVs, 3 large screen projectors, pool tables and dartboards. You will never run out of entertainment while you wait for your food.

Frogger’s is conveniently located near rides and attractions like a carousel, ferris wheel and roller coaster. So you can drop by for a meal and stick around for a good time.

4. Oh Que Bueno

Oh Que Bueno is a great choice for those in Kissimmee looking for authentic Colombian cuisine. They serve lunch and dinner offering traditional Colombian dishes. One of their signature dishes is Bandeja Paisa, a hearty feast with steak, rice, beans, fried pork skin, sausage, avocado, eggs and corn cakes.

For a smaller option you can try the steak served with rice, beans and sweet plantains. Seafood lovers can enjoy dishes like shrimp in pepper sauce or fish filet served with rice, salad and green peppers. Don’t miss their Mofongo made with green plantains and customizable with toppings like pork, steak, chicken or shrimp.

Save room for dessert because Oh Que Bueno has some delightful options including Passion fruit mousse, house flan and tres leches. It’s a must visit restaurant in Kissimmee for a taste of Colombian cuisine.

5. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

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Medieval Times offers royal packages to guests who want to step back in time and witness a medieval tournament. While watching knights engage in authentic jousts and live steel duels.

You can enjoy a four course meal served in the style of the Middle Ages. Currently the sessions are overseen by Her Majesty Dona Maria Isabella. The first queen in 34 years at Medieval Times.

This Kissimmee location is one of ten venues across the United States and Canada. The typical meal includes garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, buttered corn and herb baked potatoes.

Don’t forget to end your meal with a classic “castle dessert.” If you are a vegan no need to worry. They have options like hummus, warm pita bread, three bean stew with fire roasted tomatoes and brown rice.

You can also enjoy fresh fruit, Italian ice, coffee and two rounds of beverages. Medieval Times offers a unique dining and entertainment experience for visitors.

Final Thoughts

Kissimmee Florida restaurants are best to visit as they offer a wide range of tasty food. You will have internationally inspired delicious cuisines. There are family owned restaurants that serve home cooked delicious food with a home like atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Make some time from your busy schedule and visit these wonderful restaurants to taste the best food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cuisine can I expect to find in Kissimmee Florida restaurants?

Kissimmee offers a diverse range of cuisines including American, Italian, Mexican, Latin, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, steakhouse and more.

Do the Kissimmee Florida restaurants are family friendly?

Yes there are many family friendly restaurants in Kissimmee with kid friendly menus and relaxed atmospheres.

What are some must try dishes in Kissimmee Florida restaurants?

Some must try dishes in Kissimmee include authentic Mexican tacos, Latin empanadas, Middle Eastern shawarma and delicious Italian pizza.