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Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl: The Best Family Park for Mental and Physical Health


As we know Jacksonville is known for its large network of parks. But here we will talk about Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl which is considered the best family park in Jacksonville. As we are talking about parks you should know the benefits of parks on our mental health. Working hard in this hectic of often neglects our mental health needs and wants. Our minds workday and night about something. Whether it’s about family, future or work. We need some time to work for ourselves and parks are the best to improve both your physical and mental health.

Our body and mind aren’t created to just work without break. Even a machine also needs maintenance brae so how do we think we can go without any break? Keep going on like this and one day we will be on the ground or bed. So, give yourself free time to relax. This will not only gonna help you improve your mental and physical health but also going to increase productivity in your work. So, parks are the best to improve your productivity and have healthy relationships in society.

Benefits of Visiting Park

According to studies, a large number of Americans don’t go to parks or anywhere that would improve their mental health. There is one thing that you should need to know that taking care of yourself is beneficial for you even now and later. It is shown by studies that people who spend 30 minutes at park or in a natural environment can improve lots of their mental health problems. Not only does it only improve your physical health, but it also helps your physical body.

Things to do in Jacksonville on Memorial Day

Some of benefits of visiting parks are:

  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Boost immune system.
  • Maintain cholesterol level.
  • Decrease blood pressure.
  • Prevent heart diseases.

Parks are the treasure given to us by nature. At times it gives us a chance to feel what is inside us and gives us the reason to feel in love with nature and its beauty. Our mental health directly affects our physical health so it’s important to first take care of our mental health. With good mental health you will see the improvement in human relations. What we know now that the key to physical health is mental health. We look at the studies and reports and see that visiting park once in a while decreases your stress level and more. So, if you want to take care of your mental health and have a quality time with family then you should visit Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl.

Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl

Memorial Park is located along the banks of St. Johns River covers six acres of area. This park draws a lot of locals and visitors from all over the Northeast Florida community. You can visit lots of historic attractions at this park. Visiting these attractions with children will give them a chance to learn about the history of our county.

Bronze Sculpture

One of the most important attractions at Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl is Bronze Sculpture. Built in the open space from where every visitor can have a look at it, this Bronze Sculpture attracts many and looks magnificent at night under the lights. This piece of art was built to honor the Floridians that gave their life in love for their country during World War I. It was also built to celebrate Charles Adrian Pillars.

Things to do in Jacksonville on Memorial Day


The Florida Fallen

The word “Florida Fallen” refers to the people that gave their life for the country in World War I. More than 1,700 soldiers from Florida died while serving their country in World War I. All of these soldiers are memorialized in the opening of the park on Christmas Day 1924. Names of 1,220 soldiers were written when the park was opened and thanks to Dr. R.B. Rosenburg. The list of fallen soldiers was expanded in 2018.

Perfect Place for Picnic

Since the early 1920s this park has been the best place to have picnic. You can come with all the snacks and drinks to have a perfect picnic with your family. Parking space at this park is diverse and large. Green grassy lawn is best to have a barefoot walk. You can enjoy a breathtaking sunset in evening from this park. Overall, this is the best place to make memories with families.

Park Hours

The timing at Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl depends upon sunrise to sunset. Generally this park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset.

Nearby Attractions

Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl is located at a perfect place from where you can visit many popular Jacksonville attractions. You have easy access to many popular restaurants, retail shops and many historic residences.
Some of the best places to visit are:

  • Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens which is just 0.3 miles away.
  • Riverside Arts Market 0.4 miles away from this park.
  • Five Points Jacksonville is just 0.1 miles.

Riverside Crab House and Monkey Bar Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl


To sum up, Memorial Park Jacksonville Fl is a perfect place to visit with your whole family. This six acre park has lot to show you. You can learn about the history and see Bronze Sculpture which was built to honor the Floridians that gave their life in love for their country during World War I. This park is a perfect place for picnic. A great sunset view at evening makes this park even more special. You can also visit many other Jacksonville attractions from this park like Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, Riverside Arts Market, Five Points Jacksonville and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Memorial Park?

Memorial parks provide a beautiful environment to have a perfect time with family. You can remember your loved ones by learning history of park. Memorial parks offer well manicured green lawns, beautiful gardens and the amazing view of sunset to create a peaceful atmosphere.

What is the history of Memorial Park Jacksonville?

Located along the banks of St. Johns River Memorial Park was built shortly after World War I in the honor of the 1,200 Floridians who lost their lives for the country. Names of mens and women who lost their lives are written in this park and the list was extended in 2018.

What is the statue in Memorial Park Jacksonville Florida?

Bronze Sculpture was built to honor the Floridians that gave their life in love for their country during World War I.