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Museums in Jacksonville: History, Art and Culture

Museums in Jacksonville Florida

Museum is a place that preserves human history, art and culture. A place that tells and shows us the story of pasts. Make us realize where we came from. What struggles our ancestors bear and what are our sheer moral values. Events which makes us what we are now and what mistakes have we made. Their consequences and what we should learn from them? Museums in Jacksonville Florida has answers to all these questions.

Best Museums in Jacksonville Florida

The city of Jacksonville Florida is home to a number of excellent museums that present the history, art, and culture of the city as well as the region that surrounds it. Here I have created a list of top museums in Jacksonville Florida.

Ritz Theatre and Museum

Constructed in 1999 The Ritz Theatre and Museum represents the rich history of African American community in LaVilla. Their shows explain the struggle, racism and riots faced by the African American community.

It is a 400 seated theater museum and a popular place for private events in Jacksonville Florida. Is a perfect place to host business meetings and weddings. With a dance floor for any performance that makes it even more special.

national art museum
Art museum

Cummer Museum Jacksonville Florida

Established in 1958 The Cummer Museum is an art museum in Jacksonville. Back in 1958 some collectors put together their collections and converted a home into a museum. From the core collection to now they have 5000 pieces of art.

Their beautiful historic garden enhances the beauty of the museum. They show diversity with their amazing permanent collection of gardens, arts and education. With an amazing number of annual visitors they are one of the best art museums in Jacksonville.

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Museum of Science & History

Jacksonville Florida is home to The Museum of Science & History located on the Southbank riverside. The city most visited museum helps you explore science and local history.

Focusing on science it organizes different events for children and they learn a lot from it. This museum seeks $80 million through private and public funding. It is one of the best museums in Jacksonville for kids.

Not even children get amazed by all the gadgets and other products but learn a lot of things. It is a place to brode children’s minds through fun by exploring through activities with others kids.

museum hall
Kids exploring in museum hall

Museum of Southern History Jacksonville

This museum is especially to discover the shadowed or hidden history of the United States of America. Having information about the USA’s past its revolutions all the wars shows morals values to visitors. It is a great museum in Jacksonville to learn about the history of the USA.

They have a deeply reserved knowledge about the great peoples who sacrifice their lives for the country. Telling the bitter truths and struggles of the past generations.

They also share information about the lifestyle they have over the passage of time and all the cultures they carry. With this much knowledge, they put special attention to passing it down to this generation.

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Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

The Museum of Contemporary Art has aim to discover more about artists, art and culture. They organize exhibitions about different artists all over the world, from national, international and local to cultural artists of the time. It is also a non profit organization providing services for over 100 years.

Helping small or local artists emerge to a higher level. The beautiful architecture of the building makes it the most beautiful museum in Jacksonville. It has a large and interesting collection of art that you will just get lost in it.

It includes painting, photography, and sculpture. They have a permanent collection of educational programs and copes that helps in the study and enhance your understanding.

sculpture canvas
Female artist sketching sculpture canvas

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Beaches Museum

Founded in 1978, Beaches Museum is one of some museums in Jacksonville where you will surely find something of interest. Despise of your interest you will find something that catches your attention. You can not just leave without being amazed by anything there.

Museum is devoted to Jacksonville beaches and all the history they have in the past. With their experience, they take you to the past, and you’ll feel like you are standing right there. With exhibitions they give you a look at how life was used to look back in old days.

They give a deep history of Jacksonville beaches. For a person who wants to learn and discover Jacksonville beach and its history then this place is must visit for you.

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Bottom Line

To sum up, Jacksonville has a variety of different kinds of museums. You will surely gonna find a museum of your interest something that will amaze your mind. Visitors interested in art and nature might check out the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.

While people of any age will enjoy the hands on exhibits at the Museum of Science and History. Museums in Jacksonville provide a wonderful introduction to the city’s diverse cultural history.

archaeological museum in Jacksonville
Archaeological museum


What is the largest museum in Florida?

The largest museum in Florida is The Gold Coast Railroad Museum located in Miami.

Is Jacksonville good for tourists?

With a lot of refreshing and exciting things to do and visit, Jacksonville surely is a place for tourists. With its Spas, Beaches, Museums, Restaurants and more. You will enjoy every single minute of being in Jacksonville.

What is Jacksonville popular for?

Jacksonville is popular for its beaches, spas, restaurants, museums and lower living costs than the average state.