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Parks in Lake Nona: Family Friendly Adventures

Parks in Lake Nona

Located within exciting neighborhood of Lake Nona in Orlando series of remarkable parks. Offering serene and recreational escape for residents and visitors alike. Parks in Lake Nona are unique in their own way. With heart and soul of this community it provides haven where technology innovation and nature coexist together.

Lake Nona has earned its reputation as rapidly growing community. It is recognized for its advancements in technology, mobility and well-being. Notable global companies including Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, HCA Healthcare and Walt Disney Company have also added status as hub for innovation and collaboration.

However, it’s not just corporate giants that have found their way to Lake Nona. This community offers exciting cultural tapestry with engaging public art installations weekly events. That fosters community bonds, world class sports facilities and network of trails and public parks.

Marisol Park, CocoLuna Park, Amanda Linear Park, Heroes Community Park and exhilarating Nona Adventure Park stand out as oases of nature, recreation and remembrance.

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Parks in Lake Nona

To have great time with family and children visit these parks in Lake Nona and have some cute memories

Marisol Park

Located within charming neighborhood of Village Walk At Lake Nona Marisol Park is serene retreat for nature enthusiasts and families alike. This beautiful park is testament to natural beauty that defines Lake Nona area.

Marisol Park boasts lush greenery colorful flowers and spacious open areas where children can run and play freely. Centerpiece of park is its expansive lake offering tranquil views and excellent opportunities for fishing. As you explore park you’ll encounter captivating sculptures throughout grounds which add artistic touch to natural surroundings.

For those seeking shade and relaxation Marisol Park features shaded pavilion where you can enjoy leisurely picnic. If you’re resident looking for peaceful escape or visitor eager to immerse yourself in Lake Nona’s natural beauty then this one of best parks in Lake Nona is for you.

2. CocoLuna Park

CocoLuna Park, situated in heart of Village Walk At Lake Nona is smooth destination designed for families and outdoor lovers. This park is haven of recreational activities and leisure making it favorite among locals and visitors alike.

This park boasts range of amenities including pavilion for gatherings and picnics refreshing pool equipped with diving board. And with slide and two well equipped playgrounds featuring slides, swings and monkey bars this park is best. Sports lovers can enjoy two sand volleyball courts while those seeking aquatic adventures will find serene lake with sandy beach and boat ramp perfect for fishing and water activities.

CocoLuna Park is testament to Lake Nona’s commitment to providing thriving community space that caters to residents of all ages. If you’re looking to relax by lake engage in friendly volleyball match or watch your children have blast on playgrounds CocoLuna Park has something for everyone.

3. Amanda Linear Park

Amanda Linear Park one of delightful local parks in Lake Nona offers peaceful setting for scenic strolls and family outings. This park is hidden gem providing residents and visitors with serene escape from hustle and bustle of city life.

This park features well maintained walking paths that wind through landscape adorned with picnic tables, playgrounds, benches and towering trees. Families can enjoy quality time together in open green spaces where children can play freely and parents can relax.

At Amanda Linear Park you’ll be treated to captivating views of nearby Lake Nona landscape adding to park’s charm. People seeking peaceful place for walk or picnic, Amanda Linear Park is wonderful destination for you.

4. Heroes Community Park

Heroes Community Park stands as poignant tribute to brave members of armed services who made ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. This beautiful park offers blend of reflection and recreation providing serene place to honor our heroes.

As you enter Heroes Community Park you’ll encounter memorials dedicated to service of fallen. These solemn tributes serve as reminders of sacrifices made by those who protected our nation. This park also features practical amenities including playgrounds, basketball courts and pavilion making it excellent place for both quiet contemplation and active play.

This park’s open areas are perfect for picnics and gatherings with family and friends allowing visitors to enjoy peaceful surroundings while paying their respects. Heroes Community Park serves as peaceful place to honor those who have made ultimate sacrifice for our freedom making it special destination within Lake Nona.

Nona Adventure Park

Nona Adventure Park offers variety of exciting activities all set against backdrop of Adventure Lake. If you’re into water sports Nona Wake is must try. It features two-track cable system that lets you enjoy activities like water skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced riders and it promises fantastic day out on water.

parks in lake nona

For those who love challenge Climbing Tower at Nona Adventure Park stands tall at 60 feet. You can test your climbing skills on three different walls while enjoying best view of park from above. Nona Adventure Park offers unforgettable day of outdoor fun with activities suitable for all skill levels at one of the best parks in lake nona.

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To sum up, parks in lake nona combines technological innovation with beauty of natural world. Marisol Park enchants with its lush greenery and serene lake while CocoLuna Park offers excitement and fun for all ages. Amanda Linear Park provides peaceful escape for family outings and Heroes Community Park pays tribute to those who’ve sacrificed for our freedom.

And of course Nona Adventure Park promises thrilling adventures on water. Together these parks reflect diverse essence of Village Walk At Lake Nona—where residents and visitors can explore, relax, play and remember all in heart of Orlando. So if you’re seeking solace in nature, family-friendly fun or adrenaline rush these parks have something special to offer inviting you to embrace beauty and charm of Lake Nona.


What is Lake Nona known for?

Lake Nona is renowned for its technological innovations welcoming global companies like Verizon and Disney.

What can I do at Marisol Park?

Marisol Park offers scenic views, fishing, picnics and playground for family fun.

What activities are available at Nona Adventure Park?

Nona Adventure Park features Aqua Park, cable wakeboarding and 60-foot climbing tower.

How does Heroes Community Park honor heroes?

Heroes Community Park pays tribute to armed services members with memorials, playgrounds and open areas for reflection.