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Plant City Florida: A Charming Town with Affordable Living and Family-Friendly Amenities

Plant City Florida

Plant City Florida is a small town located between Tampa and Lakeland. It was named after the developer of its railroad Henry B. Plant. This town is popular for its Strawberry capital. Even with its small area this town has facilities same as big towns. Being strawberry capital, this town hosts the annual Florida Strawberry Festival which is attended by half a million people.

For more than 80 years, the Plant City festival opens up with midway hilarity, livestock and most of the free on stage entertainment. And of course here you will find plenty of ways to eat strawberries. Railroad and Plant City is known for its historic role as agriculture center. With its perfect location the Plant City Florida is a gateway through major businesses.

You can visit many attractions in this town like Bing Rooming House Museum. This museum preserves African American history by promoting National African American Landmarks in Hillsborough. Living cost of this town is low but it has everything you need. With Hillsborough Community College, South Florida Baptist Hospital and other facilities, Plant City Florida has all of big town facilities in small town.

Is Plant City a Good Place to Live?

Plant City Florida is one of the best places in America to settle down with family. Living cost of this town is cheap which makes it the best place to live with better lifestyle. You will find beautiful scenery all around the city. There are mesmerizing farms and trees throughout the city. With number of big towns facilities, the people and environment of this town is friendly.

This town is also popular as the winter strawberries capital. More than 75% of the midwinter strawberries in the United States come from this region. You will find lots of fresh and delicious fruits at the Florida Strawberry Festival. You can become a part of this beautiful community by participating in local events frequently.

Demographics and Population

The population of Plant City is around 41,000. The growth rate of this population is 1.24% annually. The population in this town is divided by this age range. There are about 29,500 adults, 5,000 old age peoples and about 11,500 children are living in this town. Median age in this town is 35.7 years with females 35.4 and males at 36.1 years old. This population has 53% of females and 47% of males.

The racial composition of this town is :

  • 73% White
  • 14% Black or African American
  • 6% Other
  • The rest of 6% consist of Asian, Native Hawaiian, American, Pacific Islander and other races.

Schools and Education

With many highly rated schools there is no less standard of education given to children of Plant City. You kids can have wise manners and critical skills from these schools. This beautiful town has 10 high, 15 middle, 31 elementary and 57 preschools. Lincoln Elementary Magnet School and Hillsborough County school are the best schools where your children can improve their academic knowledge.

Plant City Florida

There are also top class colleges near this town like Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg College. Somebest universities nearby are University of South Florida Main Campus and University of Tampa. These institutes offer many fields of study. Students can pursue their dream of having right major from these universities.

Things to Do in Plant City Florida

To make memories with friends and family in Plant City you should visit these attractions:

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is located between Orlando and Tampa in Plant City Florida. This place is great to visit with your childrens. They will have a chance to look at the large dinosaurs in a unique natural lush garden setting. You can dig fossils, pan for material and do lots of interesting things here. Childrens can play at dinosaur themed playgrounds or visit Mammoths to have a look at Giants of the Ice Age.

To have a look at 200 lifelike dinosaur statues, wheelchair accessible trails and bridges are available here. These are highly useful for people with disabilities. Their online script gives all the information about tour like what you will see, feel and hear. IF you are going there then you should bring your own coolers with food and drinks to enjoy a picnic.

Florida Strawberry Festival

Every year in spring Florida Strawberry Festival is held in between Tampa and Lakeland. This festival has a lot to give to its visitors. You can enjoy yourself with exhibitions of agriculture, commerce, industry and livestock. Have a look at some of the fine arts, horticulture and crafts. The classic American festival vibes come alive here with social events, contests, parades and high stepping marching bands. Main focus of this festival is to remind people of the historical legacy of the Florida strawberry capital.

Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre

Just from a quick 15-minute drive you will be at Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre. Opened in 1948 this drive-in theater is the last remaining drive-in of Polk County, Florida. Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre plays latest movies on their big screen from the comfort of your car. They have two screens presenting latest movies. Listen to the movie by our FM car radio by Side 1- 88.3 FM and Side 2- 89.3 FM. If your radio doesn’t work, you can still rent a radio from 2$.

Plant City Florida


To sum up, Plant City Florida is one of the best towns in America to shift in. This town is small but you will have everything you want. There are many good schools in this area. Many high standard colleges and universities like St. Petersburg College and University of South Florida Main Campus are also available near this city. This town is famous for its Florida Strawberry Festival that has displayed many fine arts, horticulture and crafts. The most important thing is that the living cost in this town is cheap. You can have a good lifestyle in this small but valuable town.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plant City, Florida Safe?

Surrounded by nature, Plant City, Florida is a safe place to live. Neighbor there is friendly and gives you full privacy. The security system there is also good that helps you and your loved ones feel safe. The number of crimes per square mile in this area is lower than the state’s average.

What state is Plant City in?

Plant City is located in Florida. It was named after the developer of its railroad Henry B. Plant. This town is popular for its Strawberry capital. Even though the area of this town is small, it has all the big town facilities.

Why is it called Plant City?

It Is named Plant City after the developer of its railroad Henry B. Plant.