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Relax Your Mind at Riverfront Park Jacksonville: Benefits

Talking about park then you must know the benefits of the park. We all are working hard in our lives. Our minds are constantly running towards a goal whether it’s about our job or any other work. We just keep on running and there comes a time when you get tired, exhausted from this hectic life. Human mind and body aren’t capable of working and running for a long time. We use a free time to relax and if you are not giving yourself any then you are at your own loss. This loss isn’t good for your mental health. Visiting a park is one of the best ways to relax our mind and body. There are number of Parks in Jacksonville waiting for you to better your mental and physical health.

Benefits of visiting Park

Many Americans don’t go to park or anywhere else to relax their mind, which is probably very bad for their mental health. One thing you need to know: giving a little time to yourself will make you do a lot of work smoothly and easily. Studies have shown that spending at least 30 minutes at park can improve your mental and physical health. These are some of the benefits:

  • Boost your immune system.
  • Decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Strengthen your heart and prevent heart diseases.
  • Reduce inflammation.

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Parks give you an opportunity to improve your mental health and with a good mental health you will have a better physical as well. It has shown that frequently visiting parks helps in reducing depression and anxiety. Exercising in the park also helps in reducing stress and lower cortisol levels in human body by 15%. You can just say that experiencing nature and its beauty helps you to relax and walking can also help you lose anger. So, if you are looking for a perfect place to leave the worries out of your life and have a peace of mind then you should visit Riverfront Park Jacksonville.

Riverfront Park Jacksonville

Located in the sprawling San Marco neighborhood, Riverfront is 1 acre small but a beautiful park on strip of land. This park used to be favorite place for fishermen and manatees also used to surf near the shore. Warm and friendly environment of this Riverfront Park is best for picnics. This park’s beauty will lift up your spirit. Winter evenings with the beautiful sunset make view from this park so amazing. The cool breeze will also help you open your mind.

The park has been a part of this neighborhood for almost a century. The roadway which is next to park used to be called Mareno Place when San Marco was laid out by the Avondale Company in 1925. Then later it was renamed as River Road.

Riverfront Park Jacksonville

This park is within walking distance from many amazing places. You will have Landon Park, million-dollar houses and historic neighborhoods within walking distance. Many delicious restaurants are also available near this park and if you are looking for place to shop then shopping centers are also available in San Marco Square. Within the walking distance of this park, you will have number of side streets that offer safe paths for biking and rollerblading.


To sum up, Riverfront Park Jacksonville is a place to relax your mind. This small park gives a beautiful view of sunset. Picnic at this peaceful and beautiful park will be memorable for you. You will also have delicious restaurants and places to shop near this park. Within the walking distance you will also find safe paths for biking and rollerblading. Most importantly this Park’s peaceful and natural environment will improve your mental health. So do visit Riverfront Park Jacksonville to have fun with family or to focus on yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Riverfront Park Jacksonville?

Located in the sprawling San Marco neighborhood, Riverfront Park opened 45 years ago on May 5, 1978.

How long is Riverfront Park Jacksonville?

Riverfront Park Jacksonville is 1 acre small but a beautiful park on strip of land. But don’t go to area of this park. Apart from small area, this park provides a beautiful environment to relax your mind. You will also find lots of fun places at this park.

Is Riverfront Park free?

Payment is required to park in any of Riverfront Park. Visitors can choose between using the Flowbird App or the parking kiosk at the parking lot for their payments.