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Things to Do in Mayport, Florida: Explore Nature, History, and Culture

Things to Do in Mayport

Mayport is located in between Naval Station Mayport and the St. Johns River. This is a small community and is part of Jacksonville Beaches community. There is only one public road to this area which is State Road A1A. This road crosses area like St. Johns River Ferry to Fort George Island on their way to Mayport. The climate in this area is moderate but will have lots of things to do in Mayport.

About the history of this area, Mayport was claimed as First Coast area by French Huguenots in 1562. Then the upbringing of this area was by Spanish as they were the first to put the area around Jacksonville Beach. They played missions from Mayport to St. Augustine. The Spanish era ended when they ceded the area to the United States of America in 1821. First this area was used for fishing by fishermen and river pilots then Hazard was established on this port. In 1859 Mayport Lighthouse was built which is still standing at this port. During World War II, the US Naval Station Mayport was built at this port as a military base. You will find many interesting Things to do in Mayport.

Top 5 Things to do in Mayport

If you are looking to having fun in this area then here is the list of best Things to do in Mayport:

Huguenot Memorial Park

The Huguenot Memorial Park is a site devoted to the Huguenots who fled France in search of religious freedom and to avoid persecution for their beliefs. When religious conflict tore France in 1562, Admiral of France Gaspard de Coligny despatched two ships to the New World in quest of refuge for the oppressed Huguenots.

Things to Do in Mayport

Jean Ribault, a Huguenot explorer who established new route across the Atlantic and made landfall off the coast of Florida, was in charge of the mission. Ribault’s party arrived in the New World on this location in present-day Jacksonville 1 May 1562. The Huguenot Park at that time provided fishing, a playground, picnic spaces, and 70 camping sites to the people.The special thing about this place that here you can drive even on sand.

Marine Science Education Center

During your visit at this place you should spare some time to visit Marine Science Education Center. It is located Across the St. Johns River. Visiting this school is one of the best things to do in Mayport. The construction of this school took place in 1927, and it was originally called Ribault Elementary School, named after Jean Ribault, the French explorer who discovered the area.

This school was built to give education to the kids of Mayport village. In 1968 with the money given by the federal Grand this school turned into the Marine Science Education Center. It joined the Duval County Public School System three years later. Since then it has hosted a wide range of programs.In addition to a modest exhibit on local marine life and fishing this institution also has 14 wet lab tanks.

Kingsley Plantation

Many people visited Florida in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Zephaniah Kingsley aimed to become wealthy by acquiring land and starting plantations. The people who owned those plantations benefited financially from the labor of others who were compelled to come to Florida to work on them. Later on some slaves would become free proprietors striving to maintain their position in a perilous era of shifting political allegiances. Each of these individuals contributed to the development of Kingsley Plantation.

Over a thousand years have passed since the Timucuan Indians first settled the island. However, the buildings there originate from the island’s plantation history. It has the plantation house, a kitchen house, a barn, and the remains of 25 original slave huts. During the plantation era, crops like sea island cotton and indigo were produced as examples, and these crops are now planted in a garden.

During the plantation era, crops like sea island cotton and indigo were produced as examples; these crops are now planted in a garden. Kingsley Plantation is the best family outing on a sunny day. There are number of things to visit and experience at and around Kingsley Plantation. This place is open seven days a week and is free to enter. Bring a water bottle and wear shoes that are comfortable for walking. You can bring your pets outdoors, but they must be leashed. This waterfront property has a breathtaking outlook!

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

During your visit at the place you should also free some of your time to explore the nature of Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. This park is simply known as Hanna Park. In the early 1900s black employees who were working for Florida East Coast Railway founded this park. Until around 1940 with the larger American Beach in nearby Amelia displaced it as a popular day-trip location for African Americans. Manhattan Beach was the original name of this park, which was also the first African American beach resort in the state of Florida.

On its 450 acres of land, this park offers many facilities to visitors of all ages. While taking in the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean you can unwind the mind. There are campgrounds, freshwater lakes, and 1.5 kilometers of sandy beaches in this park. The 60-acre freshwater lake in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is the best place for outdoor beach activities. This is regarded as best place for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Children might enjoy these as well as water playgrounds. Kids can also enjoy this park’s water playgrounds, fountains and water-squirting equipment to have a full day of enjoyment.

There is something for everyone at this Jacksonville park. This park offers opportunities for riding and hiking. The trail made available for riding tours is famous in the biking community.

This park in Jacksonville offers more than 20 miles of bike trails. A rider must overcome a variety of obstacles on their path. There are rider path levels for normal to professional riders. Entry fee at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is $1 per person or $3 per car.

Beaches Museum

The Beaches Museum in Mayport preserves the history of the port. The history and culture of the Jacksonville beachside communities are highlighted in this museum. The history site has the first post office in the region as well as a 1911 train engine. The grounds of the museum contain a number of historical markers, including:

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The First Settlers in Florida’s Ruby Marker: The Jacksonville and Atlantic Railroad construction site that started in 1883 to serve this undeveloped region. The narrow-gauge railway connected the south bank of the St. Johns River with the seashore for a distance of 16.54 miles. William Edward Scull, who was a civil engineer and surveyor, and his wife Eleanor Kennedy Scull were the first people to live in the area. In 1884, the Sculls erected the first house in the neighborhood. In honor of their first child Ruby and they named it settlement. The town’s name was changed to Pablo Beach on May 13, 1886 and then changed to Jacksonville Beach on June 15, 1925.

The pleasant environment of Florida attracted early pioneers in flight. Several early coast-to-coast flights used this location as their starting or landing destination. The first flight, which took off from Pasadena California, in 1912 to arrive at Pablo Beach. Army Lieutenant James H. (“Jimmy”) Doolittle flew a DeHavilland DH-4 aircraft from Pablo Beach to San Diego on September 4, 1922, covering the distance in 22 hours and 35 minutes. During his flight, he stopped at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas, just once to get fuel. Doolittle’s accomplishment set a new speed record and illustrated the viability of intercontinental travel.


To sum up, there are number of things to do in Mayport. You can learn about the history of this place at Beach Musume about how this port became residential. This port was the takeoff point for several early coast-to-coast flights. You can also visit Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park to enjoy nature or can visit Marine Science Education Center. The most important one here is Huguenot Memorial Park as it represents the pure history of this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mayport a good duty station?

The third-largest naval station in the country, Naval Station Mayport is one of three significant Navy installations. The station strives to improve and maintain warfighter readiness and bills itself as the “Finest Service to the Finest Fleet.”

Why is Mayport called Mayport?

Originally known as Hazzard on early maps and papers, the town changed its name to Mayport Mills as a nod to the French who gave the river the name May. The land grant given to the Dewees family by Spain was acknowledged by the United States the following year then a popper name was given to this area as Mayport.

What kind of base is Mayport?

Naval Station Mayport is a significant US Navy setup in Jacksonville, Florida. It has a ship’s intermediate maintenance activity (SIMA), an aircraft carrier-size protected harbor, and an army airfield (Admiral David L.