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Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids

Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids

Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids For decades, Pensacola Beach, Florida, has been a popular family place to spend a happy day or holidays. Visitors to Pensacola Beach are soon swept away by the seaside atmosphere, surrounded by emerald Gulf waters.

Pensacola Beach, FL, offers a diverse range of activities, including beach activities, watersports, historical attractions, and a robust military presence. When you plan to visit Pensacola, a question arises in your mind, what are the things to do in Pensacola with kids?

We have prepared a list of some kid-friendly activities in Pensacola Beach, Florida, with spring break well underway and summer vacation just around the corner.

The list below was created keeping family vacations in mind, and it also includes the things to do in Pensacola with kids that are economical or free.

A tip to Visitors! A free trolley service runs throughout Pensacola Beach and the surrounding area. The Santa Rosa Island Authority provides the service, which is free.

Blue Angels Practice Cruise: Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids

Blue Angels Practice Cruise: Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids

Pensacola Beach visitors may expect to see and hear a lot of activity in the sky. The Emerald Coast is awash in military action, from Air Force helicopters to Navy jets.

It’s no wonder that some of the world’s best pilots have set up shop in Pensacola Beach, surrounded by Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field, and the Naval Air Station (NAS). On the other hand, the Blue Angels are among the best of the best.

This group of Navy pilots is regarded as some of the world’s quickest and most technically skilled pilots. The Blue Angels air shows draw crowds in the thousands, but you can see them from the comfort of a 63′ catamaran near Pensacola Beach!

Take a journey with a few other nervous onlookers. Catch a LIVE Blue Angels practice run with Premier Dolphin Cruise, along with a few other jumpy observers. This boat ride is fascinating for people of all ages, but it’s enjoyable for kids in Pensacola Beach, FL. The views from the catamaran is not confining to the sky. Look for marine life in the sea, such as:

Sharks, Dolphins, Stingrays, Sea birds

Family Fishing Excursion: Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids

The pier makes for a fantastic family day in Pensacola, but fishing on the pier necessitates preparation and saltwater fishing skills that many people don’t have time to learn. After all, the last thing you want to think about when on a beach vacation in Florida is how to tie a fisherman’s knot!

That is why it is sometimes preferable to take the entire family on a chartered fishing trip. Many area fishing charters specialize in family-friendly fishing outings explicitly designed for novice or first-time anglers.

However, just because the trip is suitable for beginners does not guarantee that you will not capture valuable fish!

Expect to see the following on year-round trips:

Speckled Trout, Redfish, Snapper, Flounder Shark, and MORE!

Speckled Trout, Redfish, Snapper, Flounder Shark, and MORE!

Bait, tackle, and fishing licenses are all included in the price, and by the end of the day, you’ll be so full of food and memories that placing a price on the experience would be impossible. Book early in the year to get the best deals on fishing charter packages!


Looking for a water sport that is enjoyable, inexpensive, and does not exhaust you? A dolphin tour for the whole family in Pensacola Beach gives hours of enjoyable sightseeing for people of all ages.

Adults will appreciate the instructive narrative and tranquil surroundings of Pensacola Beach, while children will delight in seeing dolphins and other marine life. Because the boats travel in generally calm waters, motion sickness is uncommon. On most excursions, food and refreshments are available and covered sitting. Dolphin trips are open every day of the year!

Alien-themed Miniature golf and ice cream:

Did you know that extraterrestrial sightings are common in the Pensacola Beach area? Whether you believe such things or not, you can probably agree that Pensacola is a fantastic place, and you can’t blame aliens for enjoying it as much as the rest of us.

You won’t see a genuine alien, but UFO’s Pensacola Beach, a charming miniature golf course, and ice cream parlor will give you a taste of alien civilization. On-site, there’s also a small arcade.

At night, you can play a round of mini-golf. Although there is some shade and myisters, we believe that this would be pretty hot during the day. Thus I recommend going early or late.

In addition, this is a dark mini-golf course. While the walkways are brightly lit enough to see where you’re going, the green sections are not. If you choose a blue or green ball, you may have difficulty finding it at night, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Even if you don’t want to play a round of mini-golf, you should still stop by for a treat. UFO’s has a variety of exciting flavors, including cookie butter ice cream, which I highly recommend. A variety of boozy adult milkshakes are also available.

Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier and Boardwalk


Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier and Boardwalk

Are you looking for a fun, family-friendly activity near the beach? Then the Gulf Pier in Pensacola Beach is the spot for you! Try your luck fishing off this enormous dock for a nominal price, and you might just catch a feast of Cobia, Mackerel, Redfish, or Mahi Mahi.

To make things simple, the pier offers low-cost rentals and sales of everything you’ll need for a day of fishing in Pensacola Beach, including:

Temporary fishing licenses are included with daily, weekly, and annual pier passes! You can keep whatever you catch (subject to size and quantity restrictions), and if you feel hungry, there’s an on-site snack bar to feed you and the kids.

The Gulf Pier at Pensacola Beach provides unique things to do in Pensacola with kids, and it will create years of enjoyable family memories.

The Pensacola Beach Boardwalk is located in the heart of Pensacola Beach, and you can’t visit the pier without walking down the boardwalk. Relax on the beach, get a drink, or visit one of the many stores and restaurants! During peak season, the Boardwalk is a popular family destination in Pensacola Beach, with safe swimming areas and various games and events.

The boardwalk, which is open all year, is a must-see site with plenty of Pensacola Beach activities for the entire family!

Visit Laguna’s Adventure Park

Laguna’s is where both children and adults may have a good time. There are enough things to do in Pensacola with kids and keep you excited for the entire day.

Laguna’s is a must see destination if you have a huge party that can’t agree on what to do.

Laguna’s is more of a bar than a diner, but it does serve decent meals and has a full bar. There is plenty of open-air seating, and the events take place all around the seating area, giving you a tremendous 360-degree perspective of everything going on.

Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola:

The Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, is one of Florida’s most famous museums. The exhibitions are suitable for all ages and include REAL old aircraft, vintage documents, uniforms, and dioramas that vividly depict America’s naval history. At the Naval Aviation Museum, there are more activities for the whole family, including:

Blue Angels X4D IMAX, Theatre Flight, Simulator Experience, PLUS MUCH MORE!

The Cubi Bar Cafe is a delectable eatery that reproduces the famed Cubi Point Officers Club. Best of all, entry to the Naval Aviation Museum is free, making for a low-cost and memorable family day in Pensacola Beach, FL! For more information on the National Naval Aviation Museum, see our articles.

Visit the city:

Pensacola city tours cover everything from history to culture to cemeteries, and there’s something for everyone! With most excursions costing under $18, you’ll be surprised how far your money will stretch on one of these intriguing and entertaining guided tours.

Pensacola, Florida, is overflowing with rich history and culture steeped in diverse design, and gastronomy. A robust military presence and is just minutes from Pensacola Beach. Experience all of this and more on a custom-tailored Pensacola city tour, which is a terrific activity in Pensacola Beach during the winter months!

If you want to explore the city on your own, a Pensacola bicycle rental is one of the most excellent methods to do it. Pensacola bike rentals are offered to people of all ages, with children’s bicycles provided upon request.

Keep in mind, that a helmet and a bike lock are included in the rental price and delivery downtown. Admiral Mason Park, Plaza Deluna, and the Pensacola Bay beachfront are historic cycling routes. A bicycle rental in Pensacola, Florida, is definitely worth the $15.00 per person price tag. With lots to do and see for the whole family!

Explore Historic Pensacola Village:

Historic Pensacola Village is a great place to learn about Pensacola’s past. Near downtown Pensacola, there is a collection of historic properties and interpretive sites. This landmark quarter has a lot to offer history lovers. This is a terrific project for homeschoolers or families looking to include learning in their vacation.

The Pensacola Bay Area, nicknamed “The City of Five Flags,” was founded by a Spanish adventurer and is one of the oldest communities in North America. Flags of Spain, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. And the Confederacy have flown above Pensacola. And the Historic Pensacola District’s 27 historic mansions and sites will take you on a tour of this rich history.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park:

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park - Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids

A Florida beach trip isn’t complete without close contact with unusual marine life! The Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park features spectacular displays, informative exhibits, and breathtaking Gulf views on Okaloosa Island. There’s no better spot to take the family on a Gulf Coast beach vacation than Gulf Shores. With its abundance of family-friendly activities. The Gulfarium is one of the best activity options in the area. Because of its sea lions, penguins, sea turtles, and live dolphin presentations.

The park is covered and open, rain or shine. And an on-site restaurant and retail shop give guests everything for a full day of water fun! Tickets are presently available for $20,

Pensacola Village is a historic community in Pensacola, Florida. Except for this information mentioned above, Pensacola has many more things to do.