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Best Things to Do in Orange Park Florida

Things to do in Orange Park

If you are on a vacation then Orange park is place to visit. This park was founded in 1877 by Florida Winter Home and Improvement Company. With passage of time Orange park is transformed into a lively city offering entertainment centers and business centers for their visitors. There are number of exciting Things to do in Orange Park. It is a kind of park you should visit with your family and children.

From its pristine natural beaches to parks they offer a lot to their visitors . If you love to shop then you must visit amazing shopping malls at this place. There are also wedding venues and golf courses available at this park. Ethnic diversity in this town will offer you with a variety of restaurants which offer a lot of different cuisines.

Top 6 Things to do in Orange Park Florida

If you wanna grab best memories with your family then Orange Park is best place to visit. Here is a list of 6 best things to do in Orange Park:

  • Black Creek Trail
  • Clarke House Park
  • Get Air Trampoline Park
  • Orange Park Farmers and Art Market
  • Natural Healing Day Spa
  • Eagle Landing Golf Club

Black Creek Trail

Black Creek Trail
Black Creek Trail

If you are tired of hectic urban life then take a deep dip into nature. Black Creek Trail is the best place to relax your mind and feel nature.

It offers a different variety of trees and plant species. This trail is best for jogging, hiking and cycling. Orange Park is home to bald eagles, alligators and different waterfowl species.

Picnic is one of the best things to do in Orange Park. There are also different picnic spots where you can enjoy with family. You should bring something with yourself to eat and enjoy with your family.

Clarke House Park

Orange Park is filled with history, nature and Clarke House Park is one of these places. Back in 1900 William Clarke built Clarke house. Clarke House park now serves as a meeting venue for Orange Park Historical Society.

This place is worth visiting in terms of nature, history and education. It offers a lot of entertainment activities for all age groups. Clarke House is surrounded by beautiful oak trees.

Children can walk around and play in this beautiful House Park, which is fenced on the outside. This allows parents to have peaceful time alone. There are Picnic Pavilions where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

You can also arrange birthday parties at this park. Vending machines, water fountains and beautiful gardens are also available here.

Natural Healing Day Spa

If You are tired from busy hectic life or by visiting different places, then Natural Healing Day Spa is best place to relax your body and mind by taking different healing massages.

Gael Wood owns this spa. They give number of treatments to their guests. Their special facial and skin care treatments will clean your body.

Unique essential oil treatment will squeeze out the stress from head to toe and will give you peace and calmness.

Natural Healing Day Spa
Masseur doing massage on female shoulder in the beauty salon

Get Air Trampoline Park

If you are looking for indoor entertaining activities, then Get Air Trampoline Park. Air Trampoline Park is best place to visit in Orange Park.

This is one of most exciting places for kids to visit at this park. There are number of fun activities to do at Get air trampoline park.

Some of things you can enjoy are slackline, slam ball and dodgeball. You can challenge yourself with ninja obstacles and fidget ladder.

Orange Park Farmers and Art Market

Orange Park Farmer and art market is situated at Town Hall Park. This marketplace is home to over 100 vendors which offer a variety of locally produced items like sweet honey, fresh fruits and vegetables.

From artistic jewellery to handmade souvenirs, you will have everything you would like to have at this market. This marketplace has a lot more to offer for fun seekers. By visiting different stalls, you can explore many other things.

Eagle Landing Golf Club

Things to do in Orange Park
Eagle Landing Golf Club

If you are a golf lover, then Eagle Landing Golf Club is worth visiting. This Golf Course covers an area of 7,037 yards designed by Clyde Johnston.

It’s Fascinating open link style, Church pew bunker, variety of golf holes and gorgeous landscapes makes this place paradise for golfers.

There are 137 slopes and classic design holes in this beautiful Eagle Landing Golf Club.

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Bottom Line

To sum up there are lots of things to do in Orange Park. In terms of food, culture, history and entertainment items one of best town. Here you will find variety of parks where you can rest your head. From entertaining Get Air Trampoline Park to historical Clarke House Park. There are lot of things to do in Orange Park.

Park’s Farmer and art market to Black creek trail filled with nature suitable for jogging and cycling you will have a day to remember. There is also fascinating Eagle Landing Golf Club and Spa service to relax your mind, body and soul. Lively atmosphere of Orange Park will always be worth remembering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orange Park a city or town?

It is a beautiful town located in Clay County Florida.

Is Orange Park a good area?

It is a lively town with a population of 8682. This is best place to live in Florida. Orange Park offers its citizens a good life from nature to history and entertainment.

What are the best Things to do in Orange Park?

There are lots of things to do in the Park and some these are:

  • Visiting Black Creek Trail
  • Having a spa treatment
  • Playing Golf at Eagle Landing Golf Club
  • Visiting Clarke House Park

How far is Orange Park from the beach?

This Park is 29 miles away from Jacksonville Beach. It takes about 35 minutes to drive from Orange Park to beach.