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Top Dog-Friendly Eateries in Jacksonville: A Guide for Pet Owners

You are planning to have a nice meal outside, but you don’t want to leave your furry friend behind. Not a problem! There are many dog friendly restaurants in Jacksonville. You can have your friend with you in these restaurants and have a good time with family, friends and your dog. Most of these restaurants have outdoor seating so your friend doesn’t get bored or bothered inside.

There are more than 183 dog friendly restaurants in Jacksonville. It’s quite confusing to select which restaurant you should try with your friend. These restaurants provide outdoor sitting so your furry friend can be comfortable. Well, that’s why we are here. We’ll share some of the best restaurants where you can take your dog with you. These restaurants often have bowls of water and treats ready for your legged friend.

Top 4 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Jacksonville

To have decent meal while making memories with your furry friend. Here is the list of Top 4 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Jacksonville:


If you are looking for restaurant where you can take your furry friend, then Taverna is perfect for you. It is an Italian restaurant in Jacksonville. Their highly talented chefs have updated traditional Italian recipes to modern dishes that give delicious taste. They use seasonal ingredients for their dishes. The meat this restaurant uses is picked by local sellers. With fresh ingredients and specialized chefs, they serve both modern and classic Italian dishes.

Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

With their Chef Sam Efron’s menu made from seasonal ingredients you will have a great Italian cuisine experience. Their brick oven pizzas are popular among regular visitors and tourists. With beautiful sitting environment your mood will also be delighted. Taverna is also known for their amazing award-winning wine collection. You will remember the taste of their handcrafted cocktails and beverages. You can order food online on their takeout hours.

Brick Restaurant

The Brick Restaurant serves delicious and outstanding food both indoors and outdoors. This means you can bring your dog with you and can have a nice dining experience in outdoor seating. Their menu based on seasonal ingredients. That’s why it changes again and again to provide food made from fresh material. Their salad greens are fresh, and beef 100% grass fed from Ocala. With fresh ingredients Brick Restaurant never compromise with quality.

Their delicious menu has many dishes like kale Caesar salad, seared ahi tuna, maple glazed salmon and more. But some of their most famous dishes are slow roasted prime rib, fish tacos, crab cakes and BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. With the exceptional hospitality motto of this restaurant, you will have a great time with your furry friend. They also provide venues where they can hold any kind of event. Maximum capacity for inside seating is 95 guests.

M Shack

M Shack is another place to have a quality time with your partner. This restaurant has been serving the locals of Jacksonville for more than 10 years. Here the old-fashioned burger is modernized by the amazing concepts of Medure Brother’s Culinary. This is one of the best dog friendly restaurants in Jacksonville with elevating casual and fast dining.


Now M Shack is located in two different locations one in Town Center and another in Nocatee. Both places offer a diverse menu to their customers like hand cut fries, all beef hot dogs and delicious beef burgers. You can also have milkshakes from these restaurants. The dog bowl with water is provided by this restaurant. Hamburgers for your dog are also available here.

Wicked Barley Brewing Company

Located on banks of Goodby’s Creek, Wicked Barley Brewing Company is a famous brewpub in Jacksonville that makes their customers happy by serving variety of delicious grub. They are also famous for their pet friendly environment. You can have a memorable meal with your furry friend in their outdoor sitting. Some of the best dishes from their menu are kimchi pork belly fries, Curd Burger, cherry smoked ham sandwich and more. You can also have a variety of beers in this pet friendly restaurant.

The brewery ground at this restaurant provides a 2200 sq foot full-service restaurant. They give lots of facilities to their customers like a covered patio, boat dock, pet friendly waterfront beer garden and tap room with multiple TVs. You can visit this restaurant by boat and if you can’t then there is also a 73-car parking lot.


To sum up, you can dine at plenty of dog friendly restaurants in Jacksonville. These restaurants provide comfortable outdoor sitting environment so your furry friend can be free. If you are looking for best wines, then visit Taverna. They have an amazing award-winning wine collection. M Shack is a place to have a perfect burger. They do have a special burger for your dog. For seasonal dishes Brick Restaurant is best with their menu changes with seasonal ingredients. These restaurants provide free bowl of water for your furry friend and some even have grounds made for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Jacksonville a dog friendly city?

Yes, Jacksonville loves dogs. You will find many dogs friendly parks, hotels and shopping malls. You can also take your furry friends to dog friendly restaurants for memorable dining.

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Jacksonville?

There are lots of dog friendly restaurants in Jacksonville. Lots of people go to these restaurants with their dogs. So, there is a higher chance that your furry friend will make new friends. These restaurants have comfortable outdoor sitting and they do provide water bowls to dogs.

Does Jacksonville have dog friendly beaches?

Beaches at Jacksonville are dog friendly; your partner will have a comfortable time while visiting these beaches. Hanna Park is one of the best to visit with dogs as this welcomes dogs throughout the year. This beautiful park has a water park, campsites and freshwater lake.