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Best Things to Do Near Jacksonville Beach Florida

things to do near Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach, a small city along Florida’s northeastern coast, is a pleasant tourist destination. It is a resort city with lodging options like dining establishments and bars with stunning beaches. Despite being only a short drive from Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city, Jacksonville Beach is located far from the bustling metropolis. The beach is a great place to unwind, their pier offers delicious treats. North and south coasts are worth exploring places of this area. You will have a number of things to do near Jacksonville Beach.

Top 6 Things To Do Near Jacksonville Beach

To explore and enjoy nature, here are the Top 6 Things to Do Near Jacksonville Beach:

Jacksonville Beach

The Jacksonville Beach a sandy beach that is located in the center of the city is a must see destination to visit. Jacksonville Beach provides volleyball, surfing, fishing and a huge selection of restaurants. Both tourists and locals are thrilled when dolphins roll just beyond the surf line.


Jacksonville Beaches have developed into a well known tourist destination since the 19th century. The beach is ideal to take in the sights of the beautiful ocean, the cool breeze water and the warm weather.

If you want to relax your mind then you can walk down the beach, wander on the sand or take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the ideal setting for mind and soul relaxation. With the best waves rising in this ocean surfing is one of the best things to do near Jacksonville Beach.

Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier

The Jacksonville Beach Pier is one of the most famous places to visit as it’s just out into the Atlantic Ocean from the boardwalk. With a quarter mile of area, it’s a great spot to walk. You may gaze out over the water and back at the city to take in both the skyline and the ocean view.

Jacksonville Beach Pier is the home of Florida’s Atlantic coast and a beautiful fishing site. A variety of deep water fish species are accessible to fishermen from the 1,320 foot (400 meter) pier. The location’s name is displayed over three stationary surfboards on a huge sign.

They provide a lot of services like stations for cleaning fish as well as a store where you may buy bait, fishing supplies and other basic items. Families will enjoy the welcoming environment of the pier. The high waves make this pier a great place for surfing.

You can have a good fishing experience here so do take your fishing gear and stroll the length of the broad wooden pier. Kingfish, cobia and redfish are just a few of the fish species that may be found swimming beneath the pier.

At the end of the pier, take pictures of the surroundings and beautiful views of the Azure Atlantic Ocean. Visit the pier after dark when it’s still warm outside.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The 110 acre Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is a true family adventure with over 2000 unique and fascinating animals. The complex contains roughly 1000 different plant species. Range of the Jaguar, the 4 D ride and the garden tours are some of the zoo’s most popular attractions. The environment at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is so peaceful.


On a breathtaking riverside backdrop, the Jacksonville Zoo has promoted wildlife conservation since 1914. Both adults and children will enjoy feeding the giraffes and seeing the otters swim in the Wild Florida exhibit.

Let the youngsters play in the mazes, fountains and climbing areas of the Play Park and Splash Ground. View rhinos and elephants in their individual enclosures. Observe giraffes, reptiles and primates in displays with an African theme while holding live stingrays in a touch tank.

Florida Theatre

Constructed in the 1920s Florida Theatre is one of only four pre war high style movie theaters still standing in the United State. More than 200 events are currently held annually at this Center for Culture featuring performances of Ballet, Opera and Jazz with Modern Pop, Rock, Country and Blues Concerts.

With two levels, two lobbies (Promenade and Mezzanine) and a private space (the Barnett Room), their facility offers a 1900 seat theater with exceptional acoustics and excellent sightlines. Modern sound and lighting technologies within the theater will improve the appearance of your event.

There will be an entrance fee, so bring some cash and come ready for a fun day out. However, Florida Theatre isn’t the only attraction in Downtown Jacksonville’s shady neighborhood. Nearby sites that are worth seeing include TIAA Bank Field, the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art and the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.

TIAA Bank Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ stadium the TIAA Bank Field is a great tourist attraction in Jacksonville. You may enjoy The Bank on game days or you can take a look around the stadium with their Saturday guided tours. It features dazzling swimming pools. cabanas, one of the largest video boards in the world, many cutting edge conference rooms, neighborhood eateries and stunning murals created by local artists.


Over 80,000 people can sit inside TIAA Bank Field. The National Football League’s (NFL) Jacksonville Jaguars call it their illustrious home. Watch these professionals compete in a thrilling match or check out other activities taking place in the venue such as important international soccer matches, college football games and concerts.

Every seat provides a clear view of the action thanks to the new arena’s cutting-edge architecture. The fierce college rivalry between Florida and Georgia draws a large crowd to the stadium each year. During the activities, you can buy hot dogs, chips and other food from vendors. You can also visit a nearby restaurant or bar to take a break from the game.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a 450 acre park, which is right on the ocean and contains everything you would need. Schedule a day to unwind on the spotless beach or go canoeing and fishing on the park’s freshwater pond.

A camping area, paddle boarding, kayak, miles of white sand beaches and a lake for fishing are all features of this stunning, beachfront city park in Atlantic Beach. Surfers can find one of Jacksonville’s top surfing locations near Hanna.

Hanna Park offers over 20 miles of beautiful paths where you can ride or hike alongside the water or through an established coastal hammock with towering oaks. The distinct off road single track mountain bike routes are well known in the biking world that ranges from easy (broad, flat, enjoyable for the whole family) to demanding (sometimes steep, involving log crossings for the hard core mountain cyclists).


To sum up, you will find a lot of things to do near Jacksonville Beach. These beaches provide a stunning ocean view and a perfect place for surfing. You will have a lot of places to discover and explore like pre war Theaters, fishing piers for intense fishers, biking, mountain climbing, football stadiums and a lot more. You can also have a good time while looking over the beauty of nature by visiting beautiful gardens and parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jacksonville Beach known for?

Jacksonville Beach, located along northeast Florida’s “First Coast,” is known for its long stretches of stunning beach, a recently renovated golf course, a renowned fishing pier and a ton of water sports. It also provides beach volleyball, surfing, fishing and a huge selection of restaurants.

Are there cheap activities to do in Jacksonville Beach?

If you are not got money in your hand don’t worry you still have a lot of budget friendly places to visit:

  • Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park
  • Kingsley Plantation
  • Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • Jacksonville Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Do people vacation in Jacksonville Beach?

Jacksonville Beach is a perfect place for vacations. With a lot of fun places to visit, you will enjoy it a lot. Luxury hotels with ocean views, restaurants and bars may all be found nearby. The walkways and beach were kept clean throughout our visit. There is a flurry of activity on the beach from surfers, volleyball players and tourists.