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Explore the Best Jacksonville Beach Attractions: Surfing, Nature Trails, and Music at Blue Jay Listening Room

Jacksonville Beach Attractions

Jacksonville has always been top tourist interest and when it comes to its beautiful beaches, you will be amazed by its beauty. From the 19th century this beautiful calm and relaxing beach has attracted lots of tourists. You will find tons of amazing places in Jacksonville City but there are also a number of attractions waiting for you in Jacksonville Beaches. Many people from America and all over the world come to visit its beautiful beach. Your mind will be relaxed by the charm and beautiful ocean of its beaches. There are a number of eye-catching spots near Jacksonville beach waiting for your visit.

You will find lots of unique Beach Attractions. From relaxing while listening to music from Blue Jay Listening Room to hiding from serial killers at Mind Bender Escape Room you will have a whole new experience from Jacksonville Beach Attractions. These beaches provide a famous fishing pier, surfing areas and beautiful parks to have a picnic with family.

Top 6 Best Jacksonville Beach Attractions

To have a memorable time at Jacksonville Beach, these are the best Jacksonville Beach Attractions you should visit:

Cradle Creek Preserve

Beaches don’t take all of the beauty of Jacksonville; the city also has Cradle Creek Preserve. This park in Jacksonville which covers 36 acres of land has the newest nature reserve in the city. While visiting this park you can enjoy many outdoor activities. You can use the Beach chair here to explore the beauty of nature along the trail of this park. This beautiful nature park in Jacksonville is just a few minutes seashore, providing its visitor an easy path to post-hike feed after having a tour of this nature reserve park.

Jacksonville Beach Attractions

From elevated boardwalks you can visit the waterfront and several creeks. Cradle Creek Preserve trails will also help you have a look at the coastal forest of the park. As the park covers 36 acres there are a number of spots from where you can admire the beautiful view of the city. If you wanna explore the park even more deeply you can also get a kayak to help you explore the hidden natural spots of this park.

Mind Bender Escape Room

If you want to try something new, innovate or you want to escape from the heat of this city then Mind Bender Escape Room is what you are searching for. This is a perfect fun place for families, friends and couples. One thing for sure you will have to take all of your mind skills to its highest level at Mind Bender Escape Room to be successful.

Mind Bender Escape Room gives you plenty of things to do in 60 minutes. You will have a number of puzzles, riddles and clues to test your personal skills and to solve the mysteries. The question is will your team be able to connect all the dots and solve the mysteries in time. This mindful activity needs teamwork.

Five different types of themed rooms are available at Mind Bender Escape Room and in all of these you will have to work as a team. Escaping from the serial killer is one the most popular theme rooms in this place and it’s also quite popular on social media. You can also try stealing a gem theme room or any other room but the fact is you will have fun in all of these 5 themed rooms.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is a complete place itself. From Shopping centers, Luxurious Hotels and Resorts to Bars, Restaurants and Spas there is something for everyone at this beach. That is why this is a major tourist attraction. Waterfront activities at this beach are best for families. This beach provides lots of things to enjoy like a golf course and a number of water sports and activities like surfing volleyball.

Jacksonville Beach Attractions

There is a famous fishing pier on this natural beach. You can also eat at a number of delicious restaurants on this beach. The Jacksonville Beaches give the beautiful natural environment to lighten your mood. The sunset view at this beach will surely lift up your spirit.
You will be amazed by the natural beauty of Jacksonville beaches. There are lots of fun things to do in Jacksonville beach. Because of high waves Jacksonville Beach is the best spot for surfers. One thing that locals and tourists enjoy the most at this place is watching Dolphins near the surf line.
There are also luxurious Beachfront Hotels on this beach. You won’t be disappointed by your visit to this amazing beach.

Oceanfront Park

Oceanfront Park is a 2-acre park in Jacksonville the first best thing about this park is it gives access to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can use four sheltered pavilions and with the beautiful lawn this park is best for a picnic with family. In the Oceanfront Park you will have everything to relax your mind, visitors can enjoy the beautiful seashore from the park. Moreover, there are playgrounds for children in this park where they can play many yard games like throw the ball.

You will notice that in the center of Oceanfront Park there is a big statue called the Sea Express. This is a symbolic statue of a young boy riding on a dolphin. This represents how Jacksonville Beach promotes public access to the area’s beaches.

This beautiful circular park has a walking trail that gives access to the ramp and the dunes that will provide you a clear path to the beach. If you are bored then there is also a volleyball court in this park.

Thompson Surf School

If you are in Jacksonville and you don’t know surfing, then this is the great chance for you to learn surfing. Thompson Surf School has professional surfers that are ready to give you proper to become a surfer. Jacksonville Beaches gives high waves which is perfect for surfing and even better for people who are learning surfing.

Jacksonville Beach Attractions

The best thing about this school is they teach surfing from kids to old people even if you don’t have talent, they bring out talent from your bones. With their professional staff you can learn surfing in a single day, they will teach you everything you need so you can have your first ride in the ocean in a day. To learn surfing all you need to do is bring a bathing suit, towel , sunscreen, signed waiver and fluids.

Thompson Surf School also manages the summer surf program. This program is perfect for children who wanna learn surfing. In 11 weeks, their professional staff teach the children all the surfing techniques in a fun and friendly environment. If you have talent their professional staff and instructors will polish it to the next level.

Blue Jay Listening Room

If music is what makes you feel alive and the lyrics motivates you then Blue Jay Listening Room is a place calling you. The Blue Jay Listening Room is a small music venue that gives you an opportunity to listen and broaden your understanding of music. Just close your eyes and imagine you holding a glass of wine while enjoying the live performance of smooth music. This would be heavenly therapy for music lovers who have music running in their veins. Getting lost in the rhythm of music leaving all your worries and burden behind is the best thing you can give to yourself.

Cara Murphy had an aim to create a secure environment where people can enjoy music and listen to artists, to bring this aim to reality she founded Blue Jay Listening Room. Blue Jay Listening Room actually brings people and urges them to actually sit and listen to the stories, inspirations and lyrics.

Blue Jay Listening Room gives a beautiful experience to their guests, it helps their guests to calm their mind and have motivation from the message of the music. It opens their mind to millions of possibilities in the world. Music and the lyrics are what drives you toward your goals. You can’t have this kind of music experience elsewhere in the world. This makes this place in the list of top attractions in Jacksonville Beach.


To sum up, there are lots of unique Jacksonville Beach Attractions waiting for your visit. You can enjoy nature, or you can learn surfing from professional surfing. The mind can relax with the beautiful and calming ocean views. For something different you have an exciting escape room. Music lovers can lift their spirits from the most unique Jacksonville Beach Attractions, Blue Jay Listening Room. There is something for everyone in Jacksonville Beach so pack your bags and get ready to have an amazing adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Top Jacksonville Beach Attractions?

There are number of unique Jacksonville Beach Attractions and some of them are:

  • Blue Jay Listening Room
  • Mind Bender Escape Room
  • Cradle Creek Preserve
  • Thompson Surf School

Each of these Jacksonville Beach Attractions have their unique qualities.

What is famous about Jacksonville Beach, Florida?

Jacksonville Beach provides stunning beach, golf course, famous fishing pier, and a ton of water sports. At Jacksonville Beach you can volleyball, go surfing, fishing, and dine at different delicious restaurants.

What are the popular beaches in Jacksonville?

There are four primary beaches in the city:

  • Mayport Beach
  • Atlantic Beach
  • Neptune Beach
  • Jacksonville Beach

What free activities are available in Jacksonville Beach?

If you don’t have much money in your pockets. Don’t worry there is till a lots of places you can discover for free in Jacksonville like:

  • Beaches Museum & History Park
  • Oceanfront Park
  • Gonzales Park
  • South Beach Park
  • Sunshine Playground