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Top 5 Fun Things to Do at Night in Jacksonville FL

Fun things to do at night in Jacksonville

One of the biggest cities in America, Jacksonville is well known for its tourist attractions. If you are seeking a place where relaxation and adventure can coexist, Jacksonville is the place. The city has a thriving and entertaining nightlife. You can do a lot of fun things to do at night in Jacksonville Florida. Even while the nightlife isn’t as well known as the beaches, it is nonetheless noteworthy. Jacksonville many different nighttime activities, ranging from kid friendly to adult only.

There are many bars, breweries and laid back nighttime entertainment areas. There are plenty of different cuisines to keep you full all night. You will have a lot of fun things to do at night in Jacksonville. It’s a city for adventurous people.

With 10 state and national parks, Jacksonville has the biggest metropolitan park system in the country. Those of you who adore music should get tickets and attend a Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra performance.

Top 5 Fun Things To Do At Night In Jacksonville

Everyone can find something in Jacksonville, to make your night memorable here is the list of Fun Things to Do at Night in Jacksonville:

Cuba Libre at Havana Jax

One of Jacksonville’s most creative and appealing nightclubs is Cuba Libre Ultra Lounge. Cuba Libre, which has been operating for many years has the art of partying. They provide the ideal fusion of beachy Jacksonville with a New York style party atmosphere.

fun things to do at night in Jacksonville

The Cuba Libre Bar isn’t a typical bar thanks to its plush leather chairs and local artwork. On Saturday night you can dance like wild while listening to loud Latin music. To keep you dancing late into the night request an espresso martini from the bartender. Cuba Libre provides private reservations in Jacksonville for a wedding or birthday celebration.

Start the evening at their outstanding Cuban restaurant and then head to the bar. In both the restaurant and the bar, the service is helpful, punctual and amiable. There is wine, martinis and a variety of alluring Caribbean beverages including mojitos. To avoid paying the cover fee and staying late, arrive before 10 pm.

Lemon Bar

The Lemon Bar is the place for you, whether you prefer to dance floor or sit outside and enjoy the pleasant night air. In Florida, Lemon Bar has been ranked among the best bars. This bar has been serving customers for more than 18 years once you spend a nice evening on the outside seating, sipping a Pina Colada while watching the surf break on Neptune Beach.

Take advantage of the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from your beachfront seats. They emphasize the evening primarily which makes your dinner even more stunning. After a hard day’s work relax in the fun with a pleasant atmosphere. The Lemon Bar also hosts musical performances on average from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Try a colorful cocktail while you’re there and take in the view of the beach. After a hard day, it’s a terrific location to unwind because of its enjoyable laid back atmosphere. Before the sun sets cool off with their famous Lemon Bar Freeze frozen beverage then get ready for a breathtaking moonrise shimmering on the Atlantic Ocean.

Jacksonville Symphony

Northeast Florida’s Jacksonville Symphony is an important cultural institution. People who adore music should get tickets and enter to take in the orchestra. The Jacksonville Symphony presents everything from Beethoven to John Williams in its nearly nightly performances. The evening is amazing and you didn’t even have to be a regular classical music fan to enjoy it.

fun things to do at night in Jacksonville

Live symphonic music is a great way to recharge your spirit. The Jacksonville Symphony is one of the oldest Florida orchestras. It was founded in 1949 and averages over 200,000 visitors a year. It provides a thrilling testament to the human spirit and is hosted by well known performers.

It’s time to cross that item off your bucket list if you are a movie fan and haven’t yet attended a live performance of one of your favorite movie compositions by an orchestra.

Florida Theatre

The Florida Theatre has a long history back in 1927, the Florida Theatre a venerable American movie house opened its doors. Legendary performers Elvis Presley one of the greatest entertainers in history have performed here. These days, they regularly attend live music, dance, theater and film performances. If you’re interested in historic buildings, it’s worth the price just to go inside and marvel at the architecture.

The stunningly preserved 1920s-era Florida Theatre lets you relive your memories. This wonderful historic theater will appeal to nostalgia without a doubt. Its stunning architectural grandeur will captivate you. It also offers amazing acoustics and a handy bar. Additionally, you get to appreciate watching such lavish events with a phenomenal inflow of abilities, they are certain to lift your mood.

The Escape Game Jacksonville

Wanna get away from the crowd? Play an escape game and enter a different universe. A 60 minute live escape room game with various objectives called The Escape Game Jacksonville is the escape from this world. You should attempt an escape game if you haven’t already. You enter a room with a theme, get lost in the narrative and then strive to escape as quickly as you can by working to solve riddles.

fun things to do at night in Jacksonville

They are open until 11 p.m. so you have plenty of time to play a game before or after dining (they last no more than 60 minutes). All of the rooms are made to be enjoyable for players of all ages, even though our games could be difficult for very young children. Bring the whole family; each chamber is designed to be pleasant for players of all ages. It can get quite warm inside so wear light and comfortable clothing.

Bottom Line

To sum up, there are lots of fun things to do at night in Jacksonville, this city is a tourist’s paradise as it is both economical and luxurious. Jacksonville offers the amenities to offer a distinctive destination for people of all ages, from theme parks, Symphony, Escape Games to thriving art scenes. With lots of fun things to do at night in Jacksonville, this city’s vacation will make you feel renewed and invigorated, making it the ideal getaway from the bustle of a hectic life. On your next visit, make sure to check out some of these entertaining Jacksonville nightlife options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jacksonville having good Nightlife?

Yes, Jacksonville has good Nightlife, you will have lots of fun things to do at night in Jacksonville like Electric Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and more. While enjoying the fresh coastal breezes you can explore Downtown Jacksonville to find new favorite places on your own. The local breweries are as diverse as this city, producing beer in both beachside establishments and historic structures.

Where can I hang out at night in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville has good Nightlife; you will have lots of Fun Things to Do at Night like:

  • Cuba Libre at Havana Jax
  • Jacksonville Symphony
  • The Escape Game Jacksonville
  • Lemon Bar

Is Jacksonville Florida family friendly?

Families who wish to be close to the activity will love Downtown Jacksonville’s location in The River City. Jacksonville’s residents are family friendly. There are a number of Fun Things to Do at Night in Jacksonville thanks to the city’s proximity to outdoor spaces like Friendship Fountain, Metropolitan Park and Riverfront Plaza.