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Romantic Dates in Jacksonville: Top 5 Spots for a Memorable Experience

Fun Dates in Jacksonville

Jacksonville which is commonly known as Jax by residents of state Florida is city for couples. This romantic city has youngest population from Florida state. What that mean? That means there are number of romantic spots for couples. From white sand beaches to beautiful lights of the city’s entertainment district. You will find number of adventurous and romantic points in this city. You will have a memorable time spent with your partner from your Romantic Dates in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is city that will take your romantic experience with your partner to another level. The intimacy of being together, side by side that you will never forget. To make your lover fall in love, you should take a night walk in this beautiful lightning. While holding hands in beautiful environment you will have lovely and sweet memories to remember. We haven’t even talked about Romantic Dates in Jacksonville and got so much love in your head.

There are number of special locations to have Romantic Dates in Jacksonville. You can have a sweet intimacy with your lover on a romantic Hot Air Balloon Date. For simple and classic dates, you can have a picnic date at James Weldon Johnson Park or a romantic date at the beautiful environment of Salt restaurant. Historical Florida Theatre is also a good place to have a romantic date. For an exciting and intimate romantic date experience these places are best.

Top 5 Best Romantic Dates in Jacksonville

To fill your life with love and make beautiful memories with your partner her is Top 5 Best Romantic Dates in Jacksonville:

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

To deepen your love, you should take your lover to Hot Air Balloon Ride. The intimacy of being together, standing side by side while holding hands in sky is the most memorable and romantic thing you can do with your partner. The height of this balloon will take your heartbeat and your love to highest level. So, take your partner and explore beautiful places of Jacksonville from sky. With a safety crew and guidance of award-winning pilot David Fuller you will have a wonderful time in breezes over break taking Jacksonville landscape.

Romantic Dates in Jacksonville

If you think that it would be loud and noisy up there because of engine of Hot Air Balloon, then you are wrong! Hot Air Balloon is silent, there is no voice to distract and ruin your magical experience in sky. You will have a two to three hour flight in sky with a beautiful view of city with your lover standing beside you. To end this beautiful experience you should bring a wine with you. Drinking wine among clouds with your lover is one of most romantic experience a couple can have.

Now and Zen Sailing Charters

What do you have in your mind when having a date on Sailing Charters? Of course the movie Titanic! You can recreate that popular romantic scene from Titanic with your partner, standing on edge of a sailing boat and hands spread out in warm air. You will feel the love you have seen in movie. This point is for one of the most exciting Romantic Dates in Jacksonville. Steal sunset view with your partner on Now and Zen Sailing Charters. Having Date with your lovers on Sailing Charters is gonna give you happy and romantic memories.

Sailing down St. Johns River in a 42-foot Manta catamaran you can have a beautiful view of city. You can reserve boat for just you and your date to have a beautiful experience. You can navigate south to St. Augustine and enjoy historic coast or sail north to Cumberland Island to watch wild horses wander freely. And you decide course and refreshments by yourself. Also, you can bring your own food and drink to Now and Zen Sailing Charters. This charter also offers you to cater your meal. Pick your meal and enjoy beautiful view of sunshine from deck with your sweetheart.

The Florida Theatre

Taking your date to The Florida Theatre will take your romance experience to historic level. Florida Theater is now one of the some historic theaters that still function in Jacksonville. Established in 1927 this theater has a great history as many of the greatest artists in history have performed in this theater. Some of the most popular are the King himself Elvis Presley, John Legend and Diana Ross.

Cinema in Miami

There can be no better place than having a night date in a historical theater.
The intimate setting of this theater will bring the romance out of you. There are more than 200 entertainment and cultural events happening at this theater in a year. So there is a higher opportunity for you to enjoy the best night date at this historical theater. The iconic performance at the Florida Theatre is the best place to start a romantic evening with your partner. This theater is also walking distance from delicious restaurants.

SALT Restaurant

Have a night out with your lover with a classic dinner date at Salt. Located at the Amelia Island’s Ritz-Carlton, Salt is a AAA Five Diamond Award winning restaurant. What’s special about this restaurant is you can make a reservation at “Seat in the Kitchen” setting at this restaurant. This is a special setting for the guests where they can watch live creative cooking by the chefs. A food lover would love to have a date at a place like this.

There is variety of dishes available at this restaurant. You should try something new everytime you come here as every dish has its own different special taste. Chefs at this restaurant themselves come to serve multi course cuisine. They also have a fine collection of wine from Salt’s Sommeliers. You can order any depending on the dish you have ordered. If you can’t decide which one to order then their chefs will give the best wine to you. With the romantic environment and Salt’s chefs unique flavored food, you will never forget this romantic dinner date experience.

Picnic Date at James Weldon Johnson Park

You wanna try something simple and peaceful then James Weldon Johnson Park is the place for you. Not like other lovers you wanna have a simple classic style romantic date with your partner then this park is perfect. The intimacy of holding hands talking about life will leave butterflies in your belly. Taking a walk while holding hands is the best way to discover new facts about your lover. You couldn’t resist but to just walk and talk about everything about your life. From how you grow up to what you wanna be in future. This is the simplest and most romantic way to get to know your lover.

You would wonder how a simple park can be so romantic but when you look at your date you would know why it is special! This place is best for couples to have a picnic day. With birds chirping, clouds wandering in the blue sky, you will have a perfect environment to have a classic Picnic Date experience. This Park is one of the oldest parks in Jacksonville. This is why I was saying you will have a classic picnic day at this beautiful park. You learn the history of this park by plaques and memorials. Food and coffee trucks are also available nearby to enhance your Picnic experience at James Weldon Johnson Park.


To sum up, there are number of special locations to have Romantic Dates in Jacksonville. You can have a sweet intimacy with your lover on a romantic Hot Air Balloon Date. There is also a historical theater waiting for you to have a perfect date. If you are looking for simple and classic dates then you can have a picnic date at James Weldon Johnson Park or a romantic date at the beautiful environment of Salt restaurant. You can also have Romantic Dates in Jacksonville at Now and Zen Sailing Charters. So you must try one of these places to have an exciting and intimate romantic date with your partner. You can also find lots of Fun Dates in Jacksonville.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jacksonville FL good for dating?

Yes. With lots of romantic spots Jacksonville is the best place for dating. You can do different exciting things with your partner from picnic to movie date. This city is best for dating.

What are the best romantic date spots in Jacksonville?

There are many romantic date spots available at this lively city and some of them are:

  • The Florida Theatre
  • A Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • SALT Restaurant
  • Picnic Date at James Weldon Johnson Park

Is it easy to have a date in Jacksonville FL?

Yes, having date in Jacksonville is much simpler than other locations. This city has lots of young population all you need to do is to go out in your area engage with people to find the love of your life.