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Best Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida: Culinary Delights

Hungry? If not then you will be after reading about best restaurants in Cape Coral Florida. We guarantee.

Cape Coral Florida was not always a food heaven as it is now. Perhaps this city was mostly full of fast food spots, dive bars and some few fancy restaurants. But things have changed over the past few years and now this town is home to some of the best restaurants in Cape Coral Florida.

You will find a variety of restaurants from waterfront to upscale and chef driven dive bars. These restaurants are filled with so many tasty options like seafood, steak, quick burrito or bowl and smoked meat. You will love their internationally inspired Peruvian cuisines, Italian pizzas and a rare fish prepared with a French twist.

Cape Coral is located along the west coast in Florida between Ft. Myers and calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This popular tourist spot is known for its many canals and peaceful atmosphere. It is home to many wildlives including manatees. This small relaxing town offers a lot of fun activities to do including festivals, waterparks, day trips and nature watching.

Top 6 Best Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida

If you are planning to visit Cape Coral Florida then you are on the right place. We have compiled a list of Top 6 Best Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida that you may like to visit during your stay.

  1. Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails
  2. Cork Soakers Deck & Wine Bar
  3. The New England Moorings
  4. Ginger Bistro Cape Coral
  5. Ceno Grill
  6. Ciao Wood Fired Pizza and Trattoria

Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails

If you are looking for delicious food with excellent service and pleasant atmosphere then this restaurant is a must visit. This modern American restaurant is situated at 3522 Del Prado Blvd. S. Cape Coral FL and offer lunch, sunday brunch, dinner and happy hour menu. It has earned a 4 stars rating from local food critic Jean Le Boeuf.

Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida

When you enter this restaurant you will find a welcoming friendly staff, an open kitchen and a well stocked bar. Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails is popular among the locals and visitors for serving fresh locally sourced ingredients and a huge selection of wine to compliment the food.

As they use high quality fresh ingredients so their menu changes with the season. But whatever your taste preferences are you can’t go wrong with trying anything on the menu. Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails selective menu features dishes from both the land and sea.

You will find here a vast variety of seafood, steaks and cocktails. Some of their items are mahi mahi fish, crispy pork shank, shrimp, grits and chips. Don’t forget to try their Sunday brunch which is served from 10am to 3pm with a menu featuring a good selection of dishes. Brunch also serves tito’s mega mary, bottomless mimosas & bubbles and a nice wine list.

Ginger Bistro Cape Coral

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine then this restaurant is specially made up for you. Ginger Bistro is popular among the peoples of Cape Coral for serving the most delicious chinese cuisines. This restaurant is budget friendly and their menu features a wide range of chinese dishes.

Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida

It is located at 2366 Surfside Blvd. C-101 Cape Coral FL 33991 and remains open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM every Sunday to Thursday. Its timing for Friday & Saturday is from 11:0 0AM 9:30 PM. Some of the most delicious are yang chow fried rice, kung po and roasted duck and sweet & sour chicken.

Ginger Bistro in Cape Coral also offers a wide range of beer which is mostly imported from China. They really serve good portions of meals, excellent tea and takeout as well. Don’t forget to try their Dim Sum menu which is served everyday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and chicken dumplings and crispy taro turnover. Ginger Bistro’s calm and mellow atmosphere and beautiful decor makes it a top spot to dine in Cape Coral Florida.

Ceno Grill

Ceno Grill is a popular dining spot in Cape Coral Florida for serving Mediterranean fare which are a blend of Greek and Italian cuisines. The pleasantly old fashioned restaurant is located in the modest strip mall at 1715 Cape Coral Pkwy West. It is a family friendly restaurant and serves home cooked meals in a casual environment.

The founder of the restaurant George Lukas opened this restaurant in order to show the world his talent in cooking. He learned Greek style cooking from his mother and the Italian dishes he perfected at his very first restaurant.

This beautiful restaurant offers Greek and Italian style appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches and desserts. Try their signature dishes like chicken or veal saltimbocca, frutti di mare, pasta fajioli and sweet dessert creme brulee.

Ciao Wood Fired Pizza and Trattoria

Are you craving Italian food? If yes then Trattoria Ciao is waiting for you. Ciao is popular among the locals for serving excellent Mediterranean and Northern Italian inspired authentic cuisines. People are fans of their unique oven fired pizzas which are made up from the top secret recipe for dough and toppings and have a unique texture.

Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida

This restaurant is led by Di Nicola who artistically prepares authentic Italian dishes with fresh and unique ingredients. It is located in the downtown area of Cape Coral Florida and offers an welcoming atmosphere with modern facilities. You will find here a lot of healthy food options with exceptional flavors.

Ciao Wood Fired Pizza and Trattoria’s engaging environment is further enhanced by dance music playing in the background. Their excellent wine selection is extremely popular around the area. The menu here provides a large selection of appetizers, entree & pasta and pizza. Some dishes on the menu are cozze del prete, farfalette al salmone, burrata and pizza bianche.

Beside delicious cuisines this Ciao Wood Fired Pizza and Trattoria restaurant also features a great collection of drinks to compliment your food.

The New England Moorings

This family owned restaurant has been serving some of the delicious food to the peoples of Cape Coral Florida since the mid 1980s. The New England Moorings restaurant specializes in serving some of the freshest seafood and steaks.

So there is something for everyone according to their mood and taste preferences. No matter if you like Italian fettuccine, classic chicken wings or something interesting like a shrimp margarita. The New England Moorings is sure to please even the choosy eaters with its large scale menu.

This baby pink dining spot offers a large outdoor dining area where visitors can enjoy unique food options like mussels marinara, seafood omelets, crab cakes and new england clam chowder.

Cork Soakers Deck & Wine Bar

Cork Soakers Deck & Wine Bar is a restaurant worth visiting in Cape Coral Florida with a competition sized pool table and relaxed atmosphere. Situated at 837 SE 47th Terrace Cape Coral FL 33904 it is a fun lively place that everyone should visit with family.

This restaurant is a must visit on every Friday or Saturday night when the great live music is played. Its Innovative culinary menu and amazing interior makes it a perfect place to host different events like company holidays, private parties, wine tasting, business lunches and dinners.

Their menu includes items like seafood pasta, fish & chips, tuscany mussels and pancakes. Cork Soakers Deck & Wine Bar traditional dishes such as steak frites, Coconut Shrimp and signature Hangover Sandwich is a must try.

Final Thoughts

Take off on an exciting journey of Best Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida where a diverse range of delicious cuisines is waiting for you. These best restaurants offer a vast variety of tasty dishes, refreshing drinks and happy hour meal options. Cape Coral’s best restaurants offer an unforgettable food journey with so many options according to the taste of every individual. You will find a family friendly atmosphere, excellent service, finest decor and amazing city views at these best restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the best restaurants in Cape Coral Florida expensive?

Most of the Cape Coral restaurants are budget friendly and offer very large portions of meals.

Do the best restaurants in Cape Coral Florida are pet friendly?

Sadly most of these restaurants in Cape Coral Florida are not pet friendly. But You can check other restaurants where pets are allowed.