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Best Downtown Naples Restaurants: Dining Delights

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Downtown Naples Restaurants has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you are looking for these restaurants have all ready for you.

As we all know downtown is quite a busy place where we will find number of shopping centers, malls and shops. With this you are also going to have best downtown naples restaurants for lunch.

All kinds of cuisines are available in these restaurants so after a hectic day dine in these restaurants to spend some quality time with family.

Some of the most famous foods in naples are seafood and italian food. Because of naples diverse culture it has all kinds of cuisines so you are not bound to just eat seafood.

With dining you can also do number of things in naples and visit popular attractions like beaches, exploring city or having a perfect sunset view.

Top 5 Best Downtown Naples Florida Restaurants

After having a day out with family doing shopping and exploring have best dining experience in these best restaurants in downtown naples:

Osteria Tulia

Osteria Tulia is one of the few Italian restaurants in Naples Florida that serve authentic Italian traditional dishes all made from fresh ingredients.

The interior of this restaurant gives different vibes like you are in italian old village. Thanks to guidance of chef Vincenzo to show the beauty of italian culture.

Their customer are quite in love with their beautiful interior.

Menu and Dishes

Not just italian american dishes are also prepared and served beautifully in this restaurant. The taste of their dishes will show you why they are one of the best restaurants in downtown naples.

Dishes are made from fresh and healthy ingredients which are even best for your health.

Try these best dishes to have a great dining experience:

  • Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
  • Pan Roasted Game Hen
  • Homemade ricotta
  • Bucatini Cacio e Pepe

If you are here then do have a look at their amazing wine collection to delight your mood.


Famous for contemporary Italian food Campiello has made their name to the community since their opening. The authentic flavor will leave a great taste on your tongue.

The environment at this restaurant is also great and peaceful. We are talking about an environment where you can celebrate special occasions like romantic dates.

Menu and Dishes

You will have different and diverse options for your dining. With delicious food prices at this one of the most downtown naples restaurants are also suitable.

Talk about their menu then you sure have some great options for your dining. Their dishes serving at these restaurants are also at suitable prices.

Some of the best dishes at this restaurant are:

  • Balsamic-glazed Beef
  • Balsamic Glazed Short Ribs
  • Spaghetti Alla Chitarra
  • Wood-fired pizzas

With change of season their menu also changes. With this change local customers get diverse variety of food from their favorite restaurant.

In drinks they have a wide variety of wines to fit with your meal.

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is nationally recognized in naples which is located in rich neighborhood of 5th avenue. They serve premium quality modern American dishes.

Perfect place to have special meetings this restaurants attracts many customers because of its stunning setting.

To fit with theme they recommend wearing attire. They are quite strict about dress code and don’t allow any inappropriate dresses. The place is quite busy so reservations are recommended.

Menu and Dishes

The chefs at Ocean Prime have years of experience to give you best flavors. No matter what you order you are going to have something great for your taste buds.

Their quality, flavor and taste will make you have another visit to this restaurant.

  • Spicy tuna
  • Teriyaki salmon
  • Dynamite roll
  • Saddleberk farms pork
  • Blackened snapper

With wine and beer, have a great talk with family and friends. For dessert , we recommend ordering chocolate peanut butter pie or chocolate torte.

EJ’s Bayfront Cafe

To start your day in best manner you should visit EJ’s Bayfront Cafe. This is one of the best downtown Naples Florida restaurants to have breakfast.

Not just breakfast they also serve lunch which includes number of vegetarian dishes to try. In fact they are one of the best downtown naples restaurants for lunch.

This restaurant is owned by Eric Becker who has proved himself for serving quality breakfast. Both indoor and outdoor seating options are available in this restaurant. Have drinks with your friends at the bar of this restaurant .

Menu and Dishes

To give you healthy and best breakfast they made everything with fresh and healthy ingredients which not only food for your health but also gives a flavor to the dishes.

Some of the best breakfast delights to try in this restaurant are:

Bed and Breakfast In Miami

  • skillets
  • bennies
  • scrambles
  • biscuits and gravy
  • hash browns

Who doesn’t like to have perfect start of day with suitable prices? Well EJ’s Bayfront Cafe does this for you. The staff at this restaurant is also friendly which makes them best to visit with family.

BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro

Something about BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro you’ll fall in love with their location. In downtown you will have many restaurants but something not quite like this.

Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro
Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro

To make you comfortable and relaxed they always have live music playing in restaurant. Your downtown naples restaurants would not be complete without dining in this destination.

The interior is also quite attractive and comfortable where you would like to have date or special meeting.

Menu and Dishes

The taste of their dishes is already heavenly with the price tag you are paying you will be satisfied.

Their staff bring your dishes in their special manner. It’s quite amazing how you are going to have some of the best food in naples with such affordable prices.

Some of the best dishes you should try in this restaurant are:

  • Lamb Kabob
  • Lamb Eggplant Napoleon
  • Pistachio Lamb Meatballs
  • Spicy Tabrizi Apricot Chicken

Have their best wine to complete your downtown naples restaurants experience with style.

More Naples Restaurants to Discover


To sum up, downtown naples restaurants will give you all. With great settings and delicious food these restaurants have it all.

All kinds of cuisines are available in this restaurant, whether you are looking for italian classic american or french this rich neighborhood has it all.

Live music is also played in some restaurants that keeps their customers relaxed and comfortable.

Downtown naples restaurants for lunch are also best if you want to have something while shopping in this busy district.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best street in downtown Naples?

Fifth Avenue South is the most amazing street in naples florida. This street is known for its luxury restaurants, shops and galleries. This street is one mile long that starts from 9th Street west and ends at the beautiful beach of naples.

What is Naples FL known for food?

Naples is known for its popular seafood option. Because of ocean touching the city it has a fresh resource of all fish. It’s like you are going to have seafood within 20 hours of catching it. That is why it tastes perfect.

What are the best downtown Naples Florida restaurants?

These are some of the best downtown Naples Florida restaurants where you should dine with your family and friends:

  • Osteria Tulia
  • BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro
  • Ocean Prime
  • Campiello
  • Sea Salt
  • Sails Restaurant
  • The Dock At Crayton Cove
  • Caffè Milano