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Best Beaches in Naples

Young family vacation have lot fun on beach

Naples is a popular tourist destination located in southwest Florida. Its luxurious restaurants, beautiful beaches, large communities, cultural events, and sunny climate enhance its beauty. Beaches in Naples also provide a variety of amenities, such as beachside restaurants and bars, water sports facilities, rentable sun loungers umbrellas, and many more. If you’re looking for a … Read more

Florida Beach Birds

Florida beach birds

There are roughly 200 different bird species in Florida, including wading birds, seabirds, and birds of almost every color. Those are the birds that fly above lakes, play in the waves, dive into the water, and gather on piers and seawalls. These birds wade along the shore all day long in search of mollusks, insects, … Read more

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach

Did you know that Panama City Beach is known for having the most sunshine in the USA!? While lots of sunshine is great, this thriving city has even more to offer.  World-class hotels, malls, and adrenaline-pumping activities all await you.  Rather than waiting until you arrive to get a feel; I’ve put together this 2022 … Read more

What to Expect from Palm Beach, Florida Weather

Palm Beach

Your vacation is fast approaching and you need to pack clothes that will keep you comfortable in Palm Beach, Florida weather. After all, nothing says “ruined vacation” like forgetting your bathing suit when it’s warm enough to swim or leaving your rainjacket packed away when it’s supposed to do nothing but pour rain. Fortunately, the … Read more

Pay a Visit to Turtle Beach, Florida

Visit to Turtle Beach

Feeling a bit out of sorts lately and looking for somewhere to escape to? Well, we know just the place: Turtle Beach, Florida. This barrier island provides a beach oasis where you can get away from it all and feel connected with the world around you. And there’s no shortage of fun at Turtle Beach. … Read more

Enjoy the Sun in Juno Beach, Florida

Enjoy the Sun in Juno Beach, Florida

You’ve been spending far too much time inside lately and the white glare coming off your computer screen isn’t quite giving you the “glow” you’re looking for. You need some good old-fashioned sunshine. Juno Beach, Florida is an excellent place to spend some time outside. Located just a little over an hour north of Ft. … Read more

Plan Your Visit to a Destin Florida Beach

Visit to a Destin Florida Beach

Destin Florida is a popular destination for Florida vacationers — and for good reason! There’s not much that beats a Destin Florida Beach, from crystal clear waters to white sands and tropical sunshine. But despite hearing so many great things about the area, you still haven’t been able to make the trip out there. You’re … Read more